Whether you are the type of woman that visits the nail salon regularly or the type that likes experimenting with various designs on your nails, for your wedding day you will want a wedding nails design that is beautiful, stylish and trendy. From colorful designs to French tips we have you covered. So keep on reading to find out about our latest nail designs collection that will make your wedding day the most special day.

Wedding Toe Nails Design

Choose a stark white color for your toes. A simple design will give you the most elegant style completing your wedding outfit while the white color will add extra points for your personal style. You can also use other colors.

wedding toe nails design


Wedding Shellac Nail Design Idea

Shellac nails will give you a design that will last up to two weeks. You can choose an almond shape for your nails and go for a bold color combination that will make your nails look spectacular for much longer.

wedding shellac nail design idea


Wedding Nail Design for Short Nails

Short nails look amazing with every nail art design. You can choose a gel or shellac color that will help you maintain your manicure longer while an interesting nail art design will make your fingers look and feel striking.

wedding nail design for short nails


Purple Wedding Nail Design

A bold color choice will give you a strong contradiction with a classic white or off white wedding dress. You can make a difference by choosing an out of the box design that will show your bold character and creativity.

purple wedding nail design


Acrylic Wedding Nail Design

With acrylic you can get extra length on your nails. This will give you more space to design the most beautiful nail art or you can just get an elegant yet simplistic design with a rich color or glitter polish. You may also See Ocean Nail Art

acrylic wedding nail design


Diy Wedding Nail Art Design

With the stamping technique you can create stunning designs for your wedding nails. Choose a background color that compliments your skin tone and outfit and then use white color to create your stamping designs that you will seal with top coat.

diy wedding nail art design


French Tip Nail Designs for Wedding

French tip nails are a common choice for brides all over the world. You can choose a design that suits your idiosyncrasies and your wedding dress adding an interesting nail art design that will turn your fingers into focal points.

french tip nail designs for wedding


Turquoise Wedding Nail Art Design

Nail art techniques like marbling will give you incredible designs no matter what color combinations you choose. Turquoise is a beautiful color that can give you a remarkable design along with white color and mirror effect nail art. You may also See Pearl Nail Art

turquoise wedding nail art design


The designs above can be done on natural and acrylic nails. Choosing acrylic nail designs will allow you to keep your manicure for a lot longer than natural nails would ever allow you. Pick colors of your choice and let your creativity lead you to the most amazing wedding nails.

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