Apart from making nails look beautiful, nail art design is the easiest most inexpensive way of making a fashion statement. No girl wants to be left out especially when it comes to rocking a unique nail art so artists continue to come up with designs that can blend with different outfits. Whether on natural or artificial nails, there is a nail art to suit every occasion.

Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs

Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude, spending quality time with family and eating a well cooked delicious turkey! Thanksgiving nail art designs incorporate the turkey, feathers, eyes, falling leaves and pumpkin symbols. For a nontraditional approach add gold glitters or go for a plaid design using your favorite brown and red polish colors.

Thanksgiving Acrylic Nail Art Design

thanksgiving acrylic nail art design


Thanksgiving Holiday Nail Design

thanksgiving holiday nail design


Fun Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

fun thanksgiving nail art design


Toe Nail Art Designs

You can still use your toes to express your personality. Since there are tons of ways you can get creative with nail art designs, how about matching your fingernails with toenails! When wearing open shoes or peep toe heels, your toe nail art should complement your shoes and make your nails look attractive.

Flower Toe Nail Art Design

flower toe nail art design


Butterfly Toe Nail Art Design

butterfly toe nail art design


Black and White Toe Nail Art Design

black and white toe nail art design


Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Even with short nails, you can still make your fingers pop out by decorating them with a unique design that best reflects your style. The list is endless to which nail art designs to choose. However, the trick is to go for vibrant colors that portray your fun mood and chic style.

Black Nail Art Design for Short Nails

black nail art design for short nails


Christmas Nail Art Design for Short Nails

christmas nail art design for short nails


Cartoon Nail Art Design for Short Nails

cartoon nail art design for short nails


Easter Nail Art Designs

Easter holiday is an important time for Christians all around the world. It is hard to mention this holiday without including the Easter bunny nail art designs which will look fantastic on either long or short nails. Easter eggs and baskets are some of the best ways of showing off these spring shades.

Easter Egg Nail Art Design

easter egg nail art design


Summer Nail Art Designs

Summer nail art designs tend to be edgier and feature vibrant polish colors. The good thing about this art is that they transform both natural and artificial nails making your fingers look stunning. The nail polish trending in this hot season includes neon, floral patterns, adding rhinestones and wild animal prints.

Summer Acrylic Nail Art Design

summer acrylic nail art design


Halloween Nail Art Designs

From spooky to cute whatever character you want to be, there are unlimited Halloween nail art designs that will complement your costume. Glowing skeletons in the dark, spider webs, blood dripping French tips, bats and creepy spikes are some of the designs that are perfect for giving your costume an edge.

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art Design

halloween pumpkin nail art design


Scary Halloween Nail Art Design

scary halloween nail art design


Flower Nail Art Designs

Flowers just like chocolate can boost a gloomy day. Suitable for summer and spring; flower nail art designs can either be subtle or vibrant. From roses, sunflowers, blossoms to Lilly the type of floral pattern that you want to add on your nails will depend on your outfit and color preference.

Hawaiian Flower Nail Art Design

hawaiian flower nail art design


Flower Nail Art Design for Short Nails

flower nail art design for short nails


3D Nail Art Designs

Just as technology keeps advancing, so does nail designs. 3D nail art designs can be simple enough to be done at home or need the help of a professional nail artist for those with elaborate details. Adding any 3D stickers on your nails such as rhinestones will help you embrace this trend.

3D Bow Nail Art Design

3d bow nail art design


Pink 3D Nail Art Design

pink 3d nail art design


3D Flower Nail Art Design

3d flower nail art design


French Tip Nail Art Designs

While a French manicure incorporating white tips was once considered an ordinary and boring nail design, thanks to the evolution in nail polish, it has been reinvented to become fun and edgy. Working class women tend to prefer the subtle white tips while for a casual look sparkly or lace French tips are elegant.

Fall French Tip Nail Design

fall french tip nail design


French Tip Nail Art Design with Rhinestones

french tip nail art design with rhinestones


Blue French Tip Nail Art Design

blue french tip nail art design


Beach Nail Art Designs

Just because you are going to swim at the beach doesn’t mean your nails have to look unpleasant! Palm trees, ocean waves, birds, rainbow stripes, sunset, sea shells and tropical flowers are some of the themes you can paint on your nails to give them that beach environment as well as to make a statement.

Beach Ball Nail Art Design

beach ball nail art design


Beach Vacation Nail Design

beach vacation nail design


Beach Toe Nail Art Design

beach toe nail art design


Baseball Nail Art Designs

Girls who love to watch baseball can paint baseball nail art designs to show support for their favorite team. While this design tends to feature white, red and blue nail polish colors, depending on your mood and how creative you want to be you can go as far as including animal print and glitters.

Baseball Toe Nail Art Design

baseball toe nail art design


Baseball Gel Nail Art Design

baseball gel nail art design


Black and White Nail Art Designs

The easiest way to make your nails complement all your outfits is to opt for a black and white nail art designs. Black and white nail art that integrates stripes, negative space, geometric shapes are perfect for ladies looking to elevate their outfits while those with floral theme and polka dots are ideal for a playful character.

Black and White Acrylic Nail Art Design

black and white acrylic nail art designs


Black and White Polka Dot Nail Design

black and white polka dot nail design


Red Nail Art Designs

Perfect for Valentine or a romantic date, red nail polish designs portray elegance and sophistication. A daring attitude bests fit this nail color and mark an individual who is also passionate, outgoing, and dramatic. It tends to put the spotlight on you so wear this design with the confidence.

Red Nail Art Design for Short Nails

red nail art design for short nails


Glitter Nail Art Designs

Girls love glitters. Sparkles tend to give outfits an edge and are suitable for festive seasons such as Christmas. They also brighten up gloomy moods and even without rings or bracelets; with glitters, your hands will look beautiful. Adding a few sparkles will make you work attire stand out I an elegant way.

Glitter Acrylic Nail Art Design

glitter acrylic nail art design


Valentines Day Nail Art Designs

You can use nail art to express your current mood or emotions. Love is a very powerful emotion and what better way to depict it than on a nail art. Whether on one nail or all your fingers, heart nail art designs are stunning, eye-catching and are ideal for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Cute Valentines Day Nail Design

cute valentines day nail design


Shellac Valentines Day Nail Art Design

shellac valentines day nail art design


Valentine’s Day Gel Nail Art Design

valentines day gel nail art design


Water Marble Nail Art Designs

With so many functions of water today, it is hard to fathom the idea of creating a beautiful nail art with water as the main component. Water marble nail art designs are attractive and can either incorporate simple geometric shape or intricate swirl patterns. You can do this technique at home or get it in a salon.

Black and White Water Marble Nail Art

black and white water marble nail art


Striped Water Marble Nail Art Design

striped water marble nail art design


Rainbow Water Marble Nail Art Design

rainbow water marble nail art design


Camo Nail Art Designs

Girls love to paint their nails whether they are wearing a costume or just for the fun of making their nails look beautiful. Applying stencils to create cute cameo nail art designs is one of the ways of using the nails to show creativity and represent a bold, unique character.

Camo Tip Nail Art Design

camo tip nail art design


Pink Camo Nail Art Design

pink camo nail art design


Animal Nail Art Designs

When it comes to dressing up, even the nails have to look presentable to the outside world. From cute hello kitty, to wild cats, animal nail art designs are timeless and will make your nails look awesome. Flaunting this design portrays your love for animals or shows your favorite animal spirit.

Farm Animal Nail Art Design

farm animal nail art design


Cartoon Animal Nail Design

cartoon animal nail design


Animal Face Nail Art Design

animal face nail art design


Tribal Nail Art Designs

Nail art is an important part of looking beautiful, and no woman wants to be seen with chipped nails even if they are clean! Tribal nail art designs which incorporate stripes, dots and different geometric shapes will make your nails attractive giving you the confidence to flaunt them in public.

Tribal Aztec Nail Art Design

tribal aztec nail art design


Tribal Pattern Nail Design

tribal pattern nail design


Tribal Stiletto Nail Art Design

tribal stiletto nail art design


Wedding Nail Art Designs

During your wedding day, all eyes will be on you, so you better have nails that complement the theme as well as your gown. From white lace, snowflakes, French manicure to adding embellishments, there is a broad range of designs that will look good on you. Avoid shouting colors that make you look dramatic.

3D Wedding Nail Art Design

3d wedding nail art design


Pink Wedding Nail Art Design

pink wedding nail art design


Best Nail Design Tips

Nail art has become so versatile that there is a design that fits every occasion. It’s best to get a dramatic design and go for a nail art that best reflect who you are. The shape of your nails also plays a role in making your fingers beautiful.

Nail art designs tend to look good when done with precision. If you need to do any design yourself, then opt for simple nail art and go to the salon for complex themes. With the different types of nail designs available today, you can transform your manicure by choosing those that fit a particular occasion.

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