The pointed nails which are also known as stiletto nails have been in the fashion world for a long time now. Most of the celebrities will be seen wearing pointy nail design. With the growing trends, regular women have started sporting this look. Pointed nails are fierce and bold.  You should have access to some designing tools to get some great design.

Here is the description of the pointed nail design, check them out and pick the one that suits you

Short Pointy Nail Art Design

short pointy nail art design


Powder pink and cosmic sparkles simply grab the attention. Paint the nails with the light shade and spread sparkles. Print some nails with the black shade for a dazzling look. The design is truly unique and wonderful.

Blue Stiletto Nail Tips

blue stiletto nail tips


A design like this is often referred to as cat claws. The idea is to only paint your nails with one color only and overlap a different color on the point of the nails. For more attractive look apply black nail paint. The look is perfect for anyone wanting a menacingly sexy style.

Chocolate Nail Art Design

chocklet color pointy nails


A combination of leopard light and dark shades really stands out in a crowd. Paint your thumbnail with little piggy design and simply look awesome.

Fancy Black Nail Design

fancy pointed nails set


Go for this design especially while going for a wedding. A simple light paint and some silver balls on it appear attractive without too much hard work. This design perfectly goes with the rainy weather. It seems like a fairy tale princess design.

Peach Short Nail Art

nail designs for pointed nais


White color simply looks beautiful without much effort. Just pick a silver paint and draw some horizontal lines. The design purely represents the futuristic world!

Glitter Long Nail Design

glitter pointed nail art design


The look is for the darker skin tone. Metallic nail polish mixed with a stiletto appears futuristic. You do not need to do much work on this, as this simple color is quite enough to speak about you.

This cool design is for those who want to go funky. The pure pink paint dazzles up the design of the nails. Wear a ring to grab the attention.

Red Short Nail Polish

red pointed nail polish


Gray Nail Art Ideas

grey pointed nail ideas


Black and Red Nail Art Design

black and red pointed nails


Nails with this compelling design look attractive with solid colors. Use different color shades and some gems to get the perfect look. Better to buy some tools to perfectly style your nails. Apply printed design on three of your nails, and you are all set to go out.

Animal Nail Art Idea

animal nail design pointy


Dark Pink Nail Art Design

dark pink nail art design


Simple and Cute Nails

simple pointy nail designs


Cool Design for Long Nails

cool nail design for long nails


The design involves different color schemes that are incorporated into one. Buy a box of nail paints as you have too many different colors to get the exact design. Navy blue, powder pink, magenta, and the sparkling nail shades. Use gems on some fingers to sparkle all day and night.

You should surely not miss this art. This tricky idea demands lots of practice and a specialty in nail art creativity. Use gray color with solid violet shade, it truly creates a cool stiletto nail design.

Peach and Pink Design Nails

peach and pink design pointy nails


Pointed Nail Designs

pointy nail designs


Pretty Nail Art Idea

pretty pointy nail design


From the above-mentioned nail designs, it does not matter what you pick. The condition is that it should simply go with your attitude, skin tone, dress, and the jewels. The designing of these arts is quite tricky. As the nails are usually very long and in the oval shape, one has to be very careful while choosing the design for the stiletto nails.

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