With time, many new designs of nail art have come into trend. Nail art is also based on the type of nails. Designs for long nails are different than those of shorter ones. Nail art also varies based on the shape of nails, round, square or stiletto. Stilettos are a very funky and showcase boldness, while giving the contemporary look. Stiletto nails look glamorous and edgy. Stiletto nail art is popular for short nails as well.

Black Claw Stiletto Nail Paint

Beautiful Balack Short Stilleto Nails


Pointed Grey Stiletto Nail Manicure

Beautiful Grey Short Stilleto Nails


The plain nude or beige is a very simple and plain nail art. It requires clear nail polish and beige nail color. The nail art is very feminine and chic, best for summers and noon parties. It has a casual appeal.

Black Short Stiletto French Tip

Black & Beautiful Short Stiletto Nails


The animal print is a common design for short stiletto nails. The nail requires shades of black, gold, yellow and white. Very minute designs in the patterns of circle, oval, lining or zig-zag are made to give the effect of animal print. This nail art looks stylish and edgy with black color as its base. Animal print nail art pairs best with black evening gowns. One can also try for alternate fingers animal print. In this pattern, one finger is painted plain black and another one with an animal print. This pattern is repeated alternately.

Pitch Black Short Stiletto Nail Art

Beautiful Dark Short Stiletto Nails


Short Stiletto Nail Tip Ideas

Simple Short Stiletto Nails


Pointed Stiletto Stone Nail Art

Stone Short Stiletto Nails


Short Stiletto Velvet Manicure Ideas

Latest Short Stiletto Nails


Black Glittering Short Stiletto Nails

Glittereing & Black Short Stiletto Nails


Short Stiletto Press on Nails

Beautiful Short Stiletto Nails


Soft Pink Short Stiletto Nail Polish

Dark Pink Short Stiletto Nails


Half Shade Stiletto Nail Design

Pink & Red Short Stilleto Nails


Simple V Shape Nail Art

Love Short Stiletto Nails


Simple Stiletto Nail Sticker Art

White & Simple Short Stiletto Nail Design


There are many ways to sport a black and gold nail art. Alternate fingers can either be painted with gold and black or each finger can be painted with gold and black in thin stripes or lines. Just like a French manicure, one can also paint nails with gold, having black tips or vice versa.

Short Stiletto Nail Tips Art

Dark Red Short Stiletto Nails


The classic combination of red and gold looks stylish on nail art as well. Red color is used as a base coat and golden flowers can be made in between or at a base of the stiletto nail. An outline of a golden flower will give a different look.

Simple Stiletto Nail Paint

Simple Pink Short Stiletto Nails


Black Glue on Stiletto Nails

Dark Black Short Stilleto Nails


Aztec is a hot favorite these days. There is a wide scope of experimenting with Aztec nail art. A combination of dark colors like red, black and golden will look amazing. For brighter shades one can go with aqua blue, orange and yellow.

Blue Short Stiletto Nail Art

Blue Short Stiletto Nails


Mix Match Stiletto Nail Art

Nice Short Stiletto Nails


Short Stiletto Nails French Tip Ideas

Pink LOve Short Steletto Nails


Neon Short Stiletto Nail Paint

Multi Color Short Stiletto Nails


Gold Striped Short Stiletto Nail Art

Beautiful & Simple Short Stiletto Nails


White Clean French Manicure Ideas

White & Pink Short Stiletto Nails


The glittery pink nail art is classy and opulent. All fingers are painted in plain cherry pink color except the ring finger. The ring finger is then painted with glitter polish. To add charm and edge one can also decorate the ring finger with diamonds. The shining effect of nails under the light looks amazing. The glittery pink nail art is best suited for night parties or weddings.

Glitter Short Stiletto Nail Tips Art

Glitter Short Stiletto Nails


The flowery nail art is a plain and simple design. One can go for a darker shade of base coat. The flowers can be made with a contrast lighter shade on tips of pointed nails. For a summery beach look, this nail art can be done with blue base coat and orange flower, or a yellow base coat with orange flower.

Red Glittery Stiletto Nail Art

Red Short Stiletto Nails


Black Rhinestones Nail Art

Black Shining Short Stileto Nails


Short nails have a wide array of options when it comes to pretty nail art designs. Short stiletto nails look edgy and can be decorated with contemporary nail art.

Ideas & Trends

Black and White: This one’s a fail proof combination which always works. Show off a little bit of creativity on black and white nail paints by introducing some crystals and glitter as toppings. End result: a nail design that is a show-stopper!

Owls and Polka Dots: Try something unconventional on your stiletto nails this season. We’d recommend a striking combination of nail art featuring cute polka dots and owls. This nail design is a hit, if you’re open to stylish experimentation!

Tribal Stiletto Nail Art: Pair up some amazing nude shaded nail polish with creative tribal artwork on your nails. Tribal designs on stiletto nails have been in vogue the longest time, and by the looks of it, the trend is going to stay intact!

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