Nail designs is a creative art form where you can draw your own designs or pictures in your fingernails or toenails. These days’ toenails are seen with some important points of beauty along with fingernails. Nail art is a type of fashion activity, related to manicuring.

Trendy Toes Nail Art Designs

trendy toes nail design

At the beginning of the toes nail designs, people used horizontal or vertical lines for their toes. Stripes, polka dots and floral motives were also used in toes nail art designs. Colours like a red, pink, blue and mild use of green colour were noticeable. But they were using contrasting colours for designs.

Pink and Black Cute Toes Nail Design

pink black toes nail design


Snow Fall Toes Nail Art

snow fall toes nail design


Cute Animal Nail Design

cute animal nail design1


Yellow Flower Toe Nails

yellow flower toe nail design


Small Flower Toes Designs for Big Nails

small flower toes nail design


Orange Toes Nail Designs for Party

orange toes nail design


Butterfly Toe Nail Design for Teenage Girls

butterfly toe nail design


Progressively mixing of colours is introduced to the people. Textures, graphics and animated pictures are also using in toes nail designs. Artificial stones, flowers, bow and many more things give a complete look to the toe nail designs. An acrylic paint in Tumblr nail design with some glitter effect is highly attractive with a long nail in toes, one can try claw toes nail design. Pink kitty with a white or grey background or style of a strawberry can make by the colour with red and green looks very pretty on girls. Women can try Tumblr or floral nail designs in toes nail design for regular purpose.

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