Christmas doesn’t have to be all about making merry and decorating the house or palm trees. For women, this holiday season acts as the ideal time to dress up in vibrant outfits and paint their nails in stunning Christmas nail art. The guests and family members provide you with the right audience to showcase your nail creativity. If you still want to dazzle, then check the following nail designs to ensure your picture ready during Christmas.

Christmas Toe Nail Designs

Even during winter, your toenails should look attractive. Christmas toe nail designs will make your feet look feminine and highlight your charm. You can opt for matching designs on both your toes and finger nails.

Christmas Gel Toe Nail Design

christmas tree toe nail design


Christmas Snowflakes Toe Nail Art

christmas snowflakes toe nail art


Christmas Acrylic Nail Designs

Ladies love acrylic nails because they are long lasting and come in endless designs. With Christmas acrylic nail designs you can choose long or short nails and a nail art that reflects your personality. They are also perfect for ladies who love a good manicure.

3D Christmas Acrylic Nail Art

3d christmas acrylic nail art


Christmas Tree Nail Designs

Your sex appeal and femininity can easily be questioned when your nails rarely get a manicure. This holiday season depict your Christmas spirit by getting Christmas tree nail designs. Paint your tree in green color to show authenticity.

Christmas Tree Nail Art with Rhinestones

christmas tree nail art with rhinestones


Black Christmas Tree Nail Design

black christmas tree nail design


Christmas French Tip Nail Designs

Do you love French manicures? Well then choosing Christmas French tip nail designs will help portray your personality as well place you in your comfort zone. Instead of the standard French mani why not add blue and red glitters at the base of the tips.

Christmas Glitter French Tip Nails

christmas glitter french tip nails


Christmas Gel Nail Designs

Want artificial nails that look like your natural nails? Then go for Christmas gel nail designs. These gel designs will protect your natural nails; they are durable saving you both time and money. They also provide the right canvas to portray you creativity.

Christmas Candy Cane Gel Nail Art

christmas candy cane gel nail art


3D Christmas Nail Designs

Instead of a flat surface, 3D nails have an extra dimension that gives the illusion of a manicure that floats on your nails. Adding rhinestones will create a shiny effect as well as give your nails a tridimensional composition. Alternatively, you can add 3D Christmas nail decals.

3D Christmas Tip Nails

3d christmas tip nails


Blue Christmas Nail Designs

While popular Christmas nail art uses red, green and white colors, you can show your unique personality by opting for blue Christmas nail designs. Blue is a color that is associated with the sky and ocean enabling it to show your calm character.

Blue and Silver Christmas Nail Art

blue and silver christmas nail art


Christmas Holly Nail Designs

Christmas Holly nail designs are super easy to do and flatter all finger sizes. All you need to do is apply a white base then make three tiny polka dots which resemble holly berries and use green nail polish to create holly leaves.

Christmas Glitter Holly Nail Design

christmas glitter holly nail design


Kids Christmas Nail Designs

Put your kid’s creativity to good use by giving them an easy to do Christmas nail art. Suitable for girls with short nails, you can even get the same design to show mother-daughter bond.

Snowman kids Christmas Nail Design

snowman kids christmas nail design


Christmas Holiday Nail Designs

You can still give your Christmas nail designs a modern look by opting to incorporate negative space nail art. This Christmas you can paint your nails white, then using polish remover rub off the center of your nail to make a circle and add three holly leaves.

Christmas Short Nail Designs

When it comes to short nails, forget about neutral colors instead opt for bright red nail polish which will make your nails stand out. Go a mile further and add red rhinestones throughout your nails, you will look sexy and feminine.

Snowflake Nail Designs for Short Nails

snowflake nail designs for short nails


Candy Cane Nail Design for Short Nails

candy cane nail design for short nails


Funny Christmas Nail Designs

Do you love nails that show your funny side? Christmas is the season to be joyful making it the perfect time to flaunt funny Christmas designs. if you are not sure which color combinations work then can simply add Santa Claus nail decals to make your nails fun.

Funny Christmas Santa Nail Design

funny christmas santa nail design


Glitter Christmas Nail Designs

If you are feeling girly during this holiday season, then go ahead and add glitters your nail design. Red sparkles will look especially sexy and chic. For a subtle feminine look integrate glitters on the tips of your French manicure.

White Glitter Christmas Nails

white glitter christmas nails1


Red Glitter Christmas Nail Design

red glitter christmas nail design


Christmas Snowflake Nail Designs

Snowflake Christmas nail designs are for ladies who want to look dramatic. This nail art represents winter, and the snowflake symbol can be done on red, blue or black base. The simplicity and delicate shape of the snowflake design make it a favorite for many women.

Christmas Snowflake French Tip Nail Design

christmas snowflake french tip nail design


Christmas Blue Snowflake Nail Design

christmas blue snowflake nail design


Christmas Sweater Nail Designs

Whether or not it’s snowing in your country, you can show your festive mood by adorning cute Christmas sweater nail designs. From dark color combinations to vibrant ones, you can use any color combination to create sweater texture on your nails.

Christmas Lights Nail Designs

During Christmas, almost every family decorates their trees and houses with lights to mark this festive season. Using a piece of thread, a dotting tool, and two or more nail polish colors, you too can rock Christmas light nail designs.

Christmas Colorful Christmas Nail Art

christmas colorful christmas nail art


Christmas Santa Nail Designs

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without Santa Clause. Kids associate Santa with presents and making wishes come true. From his red nose to white beard, there are many ways you can make your Santa nail design unique.

Santa Belt Nail Art Design

santa belt nail art design


Christmas Santa Face Nail Art

christmas santa face nail art


Snowman Christmas Nail Designs

Let the snowman decorate your nails this Christmas. The best way to ensure your snowman stands out is to do it on one nail and add a complementing nail art to the other nails. The white color of the snowman will make your nails beautiful.

Red Christmas Nail Art

Whether you have short or long nails, red Christmas nail art will make your fingers elegant. The red color is bold, feminine and depicts sexiness, so you will look amazing when you add red hue to your nail art.

Red and White Christmas Nail Art

red and white christmas nail art


Red and Gold Christmas Nail Art

red and gold christmas nail art


Red and Silver Christmas Nail Art

red and silver christmas nail art


Christmas Candy Nail Art

For a fun look opt for Christmas candy cane nail art which uses stripes. You can go further and paint the same nail art on both your fingernails and toes.

Christmas Candy Cane Acrylic Nails

christmas candy cane acrylic nails


We are always looking for events to doll up our nails, and Christmas nail designs are amazing. From those that incorporate traditional themes, to outrageous 3d effects, whatever your desire you will surely find it in Christmas nail art. With many different inspirations, your nails will make a statement this holiday.

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