When it comes to nail arts, the more suited the better. Holiday inspired nails along with bringing the extra touch of shimmer and luminosity to the outfit, also enhance the overall appearance. Whether you go for detailed, shimmer or a solid design, holiday manicure is the perfect way to complete the festive look. If you are looking for some unique and fun nail arts, these 10 designs will definitely serve you with creative inspiration.

1. Glitter Glam

glitter glam

Starting with the basic and simple, this glitter based nail art is perfect to complement your glamorous updo and outfit this Christmas. With the perfect shade of golden glitter paint matched with blue, the look comes out decorative and very easy to create.

2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Made Beautiful

ugly christmas sweater made beautiful1

This particular nail art is inspired by the infamous ugly Christmas sweaters. A slightly more detailed design it is perfect for the more mature and expert nail art professionals. With the bright play of colours and patterns, the design comes out unique and beautiful. Well, if you don’t wish to put in so much energy and time creating the design, we always have the option of stickers.

3. Cute Reindeer


As much as Santa’s sleigh is incomplete without reindeer, the Christmas nail art is also inadequate and unfinished without our lovely Rudolph. The reindeer is easy to paint and can be created with the preferred colour and style.

4. Cool Winter Charm

cool winter charm

Another very suited design for the colder months, this winter manicure is a great design to try for the holiday season. With a subtle choice of color and sparkle, the star motif makes the design elegant and refined.

5. Christmas Ornament Nails

christmas ornament nails 2

Get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas ornaments nail art that is equally simple and expressive. Choose the color of the base and ornaments as per the personal liking.

6. Abstract Christmas Print

abstract christmas print

abstract christmas print3

Christmas print nails is a combination of all the above-mentioned designs. They do take time, but the end result is worth the wait and patience. Unique and elaborate, the detailed design can be created with the color combination of your choice.

7. Nordic Sweater

nordic sweater

Another very detailed choice of pattern, the Nordic sweater design is perfect to match the look of the nails with your favorite holiday sweater. You can either try hand painting the design or you can always take the easily available option with pre-made appliques.

8. Snowflakes


Give the classic red nails a holiday upgrade with a delicate snowflake motif. Either add the holiday themed decals or just paint the simple snowflake pattern on the nails. Don’t forget to add a transparent top coat to seal the design.

9. Festive Plaid

festive plaid

The look of plaid will never go out of style and when the style is so evergreen and timeless you ought to paint it on your nail this holiday season. First, paint the nails with the desired base coat colour and choose two lacquers to crosshatch over and create an elegant plaid design. The design comes out even more delicate and sophisticated with the matte shades.

10. Chrome Tips

chrome tips

This simple and absolutely glamorous nail paint is a jazzy pick for the holiday season. Just choose your favourite holiday polish and add metallic tips to give the nails an exciting boost.

Whether you opt for glitter, solid or patterns, make sure to keep your nails as well as outfit chic and stylish.

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