Since there are different outfits for different occasions, then it’s only fun to have nail art for Thanksgiving. For this event leaves, glitters and brown nail polish colors often work to help put you in the Thanksgiving spirit. Even though pumpkins and turkey will be on the menu, what is stopping us from adorning the same symbols on nails. If you need some inspiration this season, then check out the following amazing Thanksgiving nail designs.

Thanksgiving Acrylic Nail Designs

The right Thanksgiving pattern will showcase your mood and beauty of fingers. Thanksgiving acrylic nail designs provide you with endless choices of nail art giving you the freedom to choose a pattern and color that suits your skin tone. These nails are ideal for ladies who want to give their natural nails a break.

Thanksgiving Acrylic Tip Nails

thanksgiving acrylic tip nails


Thanksgiving Acrylic Glitter Nails

thanksgiving acrylic glitter nails


Thanksgiving Acrylic Crow Nails

thanksgiving acrylic crow nails


Thanksgiving Toe Nail Designs

If you are wearing open shoes or cute sandals during Thanksgiving, then your toe nails have to be on point. Choose to show your fun side by matching both your fingers and toes with the same nail art. For a bold look opt for Thanksgiving toe nail designs that complement your shoes and outfit.

Thanksgiving Fall Toe Nail Art

thanksgiving fall toe nail art


Thanksgiving Acrylic Toe Nails

thanksgiving acrylic toe nails


Thanksgiving Gel Nail Designs

Cover you chipped or short natural nails this festive season by choosing to add Thanksgiving gel nail designs. These nails are super comfy, durable and I bet no one will even notice your rocking artificial nails. The trick to looking elegant is to opt for a nail length that fits your lifestyle.

Thanksgiving Chocolate Gel Nails

thanksgiving chocolate gel nails


Thanksgiving Holiday Nail Designs

What’s not to love about a woman adorning attractive Thanksgiving holiday nail designs especially the ones that incorporate bold leaves or a cute turkey! If you don’t intend to get your nails done at the salon, then experiment with different shades and patterns until you get a design that looks fabulous on you.

Thanksgiving Water Marble Nail Designs

Thanksgiving water Mable nail art is not the easiest to do, but at the end, you will be proud you chose this pattern. For a cute effect that suits this season select a water marble pattern that incorporates bright yellow, brown and orange shades then draw a simple turkey with one finger.

Thanksgiving Water Marble Short Nails

thanksgiving water marble short nails


Thanksgiving Water Marble Tip Nails

thanksgiving water marble tip nails


Thanksgiving 3D Nail Art Ideas

The latest trend in the nail world is 3d nail art which can be done on fingers as well as toes. 3d Diy decorations such as dried leaves and flower petals can help you get an effect suitable for Thanksgiving. You can even draw your pumpkin using yellow rhinestones.

Thanksgiving 3D Black Nail Art

thanksgiving 3d black nail art


Thanksgiving 3D Pointy Nails

thanksgiving 3d pointy nails


Glitter Thanksgiving Nail Designs

If you are looking for a girly manicure, then Thanksgiving glitter nail design is what you need. For a cute yet elegant effect add sparkles only on one nail or incorporate different glitters to create a candy ombre design. The simplest nail art is to paint vertically two contrasting glitter colors against a white background.

Glitter Pointy Thanksgiving Nails

glitter pointy thanksgiving nails


Glitter Acrylic Thanksgiving Nails

glitter acrylic thanksgiving nails


Snoopy Thanksgiving Nail Art

Depict your funny character by adorning your nails with Snoopy Thanksgiving nail art. While you can choose to use artificial nails and add Snoopy decals, the best way to have fun with this art is to paint your nails in a subtle color and using black nail polish draw the face of Snoopy.

Snoopy Thanksgiving Gel Nails

snoopy thanksgiving gel nails


3D Snoopy Thanksgiving Nails

3d snoopy thanksgiving nails


Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Designs

For an easy to do Thanksgiving turkey nail art start by painting your nails with a white base or light shades. Then using a toothpick draw an outline of a turkey on three of your nails using brown nail polish to draw the body. Complete the look by adding a colorless topcoat.

Thanksgiving Turkey Round Nails

thanksgiving turkey round nails


Thanksgiving Turkey Acrylic Nails

thanksgiving turkey acrylic nails


Thanksgiving Feathers Nails

Instead of painting a whole turkey on your finger nails why not opt for Thanksgiving feather nails which feature cute feathers of the bird. For an elegant look paint, your nails with black matte nail polish and one finger draw feather of a turkey or add a beautiful feather decal.

Thanksgiving Glitter Feathers Nails

thanksgiving glitter feathers nails


Thanksgiving White Feathers Nails

thanksgiving white feathers nails


Thanksgiving Flower Nail Designs

Thanksgiving flower nail designs are perfect for ladies who are looking for a feminine nail art. They are beautiful, attractive and can brighten up a dull mood. You will love this nail design because they are not just for Thanksgiving you can still wear this design in other seasons.

Thanksgiving Glitter Flower Nails

thanksgiving glitter flower nails


Thanksgiving Flower Short Nails

thanksgiving flower short nails


Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Nail Art

Trees shading leaves during fall is a sign that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. To embrace this season go for eye-catching Thanksgiving fall nail art. Instead of the green color of leaves, paint your nails in colors such as yellow, orange, brown and red.

Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Glitter Nails

thanksgiving fall leaf glitter nails


Striped Nail Designs For Thanksgiving

Stripped nail designs for Thanksgiving are perfect for ladies who want to do something non-traditional with their nails. Paint your nails with slightly slanted or curved horizontal lines using vibrant colors that depict the Thanksgiving spirit like green, yellow, red and orange. For a subtle look add striped pattern on two of your nails only.

Striped Round Nails  For Thanksgiving

striped round nails for thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Red Striped Nails

thanksgiving red striped nails


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nail Designs

Pumpkins are a favorite meal for Thanksgiving and this year you can show support by opting for Thanksgiving pumpkin nail designs. For a design that will bring you compliments with your guests, opt for a nude base color and draw orange pumpkins. The two contrasting color will help the nail design pop.

Thanksgiving Colorful Pumpkin Nails

thanksgiving colorful pumpkin nails


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Peach Nails

thanksgiving pumpkin peach nails


Thanksgiving Nail Art For Short Nails

Your short nails will still look stunning when you embellish them using Thanksgiving nail designs. With simple striped patterns or beautiful feathers of a turkey, you will instantly transform your nails.

Thanksgiving White Short Nails

thanksgiving white short nails


Thanksgiving Funny Short Nails

thanksgiving funny short nails


Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to eat, surround ourselves with family and guest hence providing the ideal platform to showcase cute nail art. With access to loads of nail designs, you can impress everyone as well as enhance the beauty of your nails enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

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