What to cook for the Thanksgiving platter is not the only thing on our mind, something equally important awaiting our final judgment is the Thanksgiving outfit. Whether you are spending it with your in-laws, family or friends, a cute Thanksgiving outfit can make the grand dinner night even better. Giving you one less thing to worry about, we have today put together 9 best outfits ideas that you can look through for deciding your attire for the thankful-turkey day.

1. Flirty Dress+Ankle Boots

flirty dressankle boots

If you are planning to go a bit early, keep the look casual and playful with a flirty frill dress and a bright pair of ankle boots. Pair the dress with an oversized trim denim jacket and round handbag. For the final touches, just match the look with right accessories and you will be done.

2. Jeans +Simple Top

jeans simple top

If you are having a night out with your friends because you can’t be home with your family, go easy on the outfit with a comfortable, sexy jeans and a simple top. For a change, let the jeans be the highlight of the otherwise plain outfit.

3. Parade Look

parade look

If you and your family love watching the parade, this outfit selection is just for you. Keep the look comfortable with pyjamas and make a statement with easy, playful and comfy wear. Who said comfort and style do not go well with each other.

4. Sweater Dress+ Over the Knee Boots

sweater dress over the knee boots

A long cosy sweater is the way to go for looking sexy while enjoying the comfort of eating as much as you can. Pair the sweater dress with leggings and it will be like you are wearing PJs. Make the comfortable look fancy with over the knee booties and a statement necklace or a trendy choker.

5. Sweatpant Style

sweatpant style

Yes, you can wear sweatpants to Thanksgiving, considering you know how to style them. Go for tailored joggers that are neither too tight nor too loose. Pair the joggers with a dressier top, heeled booties and pretty jewellery. Give it a try, and we are certain that no one will even notice and come to know that you are actually wearing sweatpants.

6. Skater Dress

skater dress

With a flattering fit, skater dresses have become a popular choice in every girl’s wardrobe. Pair your skater dress with cute socks complemented with heels or booties for a trendy alternative to tights.

7. Trapeze Dress

trapeze dress

Trapeze dress is one of the other popular options to opt for Thanksgiving because of its ability to hide the Thanksgiving food bump. Pair the dress with a cute pair of flat and glam necklace for a comfortable festive look.

8. Tropical Elegance

tropical elegance

If you are planning to go out this Thanksgiving, well, yes we are jealous, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a brilliant choice of outfit for you. Go for a linen skirt with a dressy top and a coverall for enjoying the perfect tropical getaway.

9. Winter Fun

winter fun

If you live in a place where it has already started to snow, we have the right outfit to help you stay warm and stylish this Thanksgiving. Go with a leopard coat and a beautiful broad shoulder solid black sweater. Complete the outfit with over the knee boots and a saddle bag.

We hope these outfit ideas helped you save some time because we know some of us are going to slave away our time in the kitchen.

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