Finally! The season which has no fashion rules and protocols for comfort is here, MONSOON. Since all the fashionistas offer to widen their preferences and lessen their judgment, there is scope for you to experiment however you want or wish. We want you to see this season as your own fashion show where you color the dresses and walk the ramp in style.

Need inspiration? Since it is raining cats and dogs, why not be blue and roar at the clouds? We find people flaunting the color way more than EVER! And in case you want some inspiration, check the piece out. Also lay an eye on our other pieces since you are going to be your own designer we assume that you might need these.

Blue Long Sleeve Dress Idea

blue long sleeve dress idea


That pretty blue shade is definitely going to look good on you regardless of your skin tone. The layers and frills at the bottom are perfect for that windy outing if you are not a fan of Pencil fit dresses. It will also make sure that you are not cold. It is perfect for your Brunch date.

Blue Cocktail Outfit

blue cocktail outfit


Two-pieces are the biggest obsession of any girl right now. And why not? It solves our biggest problem of having to find individual clothing items and turn them into a perfect outfit. This is a really soft color and with checks. You can never go wrong with these two. Try to find yourself a plaid skirt and if your stars are aligned get yourself a similar piece because we are losing our chills over that bow at the back of her top.

Light Blue Prom Outfit

light blue prom outfit


If you are still inspired by Fairytales what better way to brace it than be a princess yourself? We know you dig those layers and those tasteful embellishments.

Short Blue Party Gown

short blue party gown


Unlike earlier, we don’t expect gowns to be ankle length or beyond. They come in all size and shapes now. The only condition is that you have to increase the sassiness level. This high low dress gives out the illusion of a cape at the back. The best piece of that look are those shimmery cowgirl shoes. Tip: A Choker can entirely transform your look if you are wearing a sweetheart neckline dress.

Blue and White Polka Dot Dress

blue and white polka dot dress


You can never go wrong with a Polka dress be it any occasion. So it is perfect for those surprise dates or events where you are not sure of the venue or happening. Also, learn to compliment accessories(like this red ribbon) to make your outfit stand out.

Navy Blue Outfit Idea

navy blue outfit idea


T-shirt dresses, those white sneakers, a pretty hat and/or a plaid shirt means the perfect outfit for that photo shoot you have always been dreaming of getting.

Chic Blue Outfits For Men

chic blue outfits for men


Does your boyfriend need a suggestion for your next date? Or his meeting? You have already taken the hint here, right? Every guy should own a vest suit like this.

Colorful Outfit for Parties

colorful outfit for parties


Classic Navy Blue Outfit

classic navy blue outfit


Short Bright Blue Dress

short bright blue dress


Lovely Blue Jacket for Women

lovely blue jacket for women


Trendy Blue Skirt Idea

trendy blue skirt idea


Pretty Long Pattern Dress

pretty long pattern dress


Are you among those who does not shop according to seasons and trends and just comfort? Good, because this two piece set is a trend which is the most comfortable and chic thing ever. Remember Coachella 2016? It was definitely the most worn outfit there. Didn’t you think that nothing feels as good as your denim shorts? Try this and you will be forced to rethink your opinion.

So go out and be bluer than the sky and walk in those flats flaunting your confidence because ‘What is wrong with being confident?

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