Flounce dresses, the name sounds mysterious, right? But trust us, it is something that you have worn and never known that it is called flounce. A flounce design is nothing but the pleats on your dress. They are added to enhance your dress better and make it look much beyond just a dress. It gives your dress a bouncier and more attractive look. Let’s take a look at some of these creatively designed flounce dress designs.

Flounce Top Dress Design

flounce top dress design


The ends of the dress are decorated wonderfully with flowered nets that are nothing but the flounce design. The design is very different from what we wear but it is only added to make it look better and this one is definitely doing justice.

White and Black Flounce Dress

white and black flounce dress


This dress is in fashion these days. It is a very simple top that you could team with anything and it will look gorgeous. The pleats are at the bottom and also on the sleeves of the hands. This dress is perfect for casual occasions.

Strappy Flounce Gauze Dress

strappy flounce gauze dress


Doesn’t this dress look simply flawless? The white for one is making it look absolutely extravagant and the flounce design is just giving it that perfect touch. The pleats are at the bottom because of which the dress is made unique, and very stylish we must say.

Forever 21 Flounce Outfit

forever 21 flounce outfit


We might have seen this design earlier but we definitely haven’t seen one with the netted pleats. The net look beautiful and the intricate work on it make it look better. It makes the simple dress more glamorous.

Modern Flounce Outfit Design

modern flounce outfit design


The once we saw earlier have been in fashion for quite sometime but this particular one is in fashion right now. A buttoned shirt with the pleats right in the middle is different and unique. You will be setting some trend with a shirt like this.

Fashionable Black Flounce Outfit

fashionable black flounce outfit


African Print Flounce Dress

african print flounce dress


Cool Flounce Dress for Women

cool flounce dress for women


Stylish Flounce Top Design

stylish flounce top design


Elegant Pink Flounce Dress

elegant pink flounce dress1

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