A printed dress has the ability to give style and character to your every day. You can wear it for both formal and informal occasions and always be in fashion. A great part of the printed dresses family is animal print dresses. You can find them in every type of fabric and style creating a stunning look. In this post, we have prepared a list of hot animal print dress designs that might inspire you.

Maxi Animal Print Dress

maxi animal print dress


This maxi flowing animal print dress is perfect for formal occasions. The design leaves the shoulders naked while it accentuates the waist making you look thinner. You can accessorize with bangle bracelets in silver or gold for a chic look.

Animal Print Party Dress

animal print party dress


Summer parties will never be the same with this animal print dress. The pattern on the flowing fabric is delicate and modern giving you the most beautiful outfit. You can match it with strappy high heels and delicate accessories.

Leopard Print Dress Design

This is a dress for every age. You can wear it for a wedding or a night out just by changing the accessories and your shoes. You can put a soft vest over it or a leather black jacket.

Animal Print Wrap Dress

animal print wrap dress

A pleated skirt in A-line is suitable for every body type. It accentuates the waist and the hips creating an hourglass figure. It is appropriate for both casual everyday looks and formal ones for going to a wedding.

Animal Print Shirt Design

animal print shirt design


If you are not much into dresses then don’t worry because you can have animal print on a shirt too. This one has a delicate cheetah print that creates a great everyday look with jeans, white sneakers and metallic accessories.

Formal Animal Print Dress

formal animal print dress


Animal prints are great for formal occasions. Choose an elegant design in a flattering cut that will make everyone admire you for your sense of style. Use subtle and simple jewelry to accessorize the look and you are ready.

Zebra Print Prom Dress

zebra print prom dress

The zebra print is a chic pattern for formal occasions. For a business dinner party or a wedding, this will make you look glamorous and sophisticated. Choose a halter top dress to accentuate your cleavage with white or black heels to rock the look.

Cute Animal Print Dress

cute animal print dress


A design that would be great for batwing dress design. The subtle color of the dress makes it a perfect work attire. You can wear it with heels and a clutch bag for style and accessorize with a large wrist watch.

Long Sleeve Animal Print Dress

Long sleeved dresses are great for winter and chilly weather. Accessorize it with gold jewelry and complete the look with high heeled shoes for style.

Animal Print Lace Dress

Choose a combination of lace and animal print for a stunning look. You can go through zebra or leopard designs that will make you a focal point of style and charm. This dress needs subtle accessorizing for emphasis on the pattern.

Casual Animal Print Dress

casual animal print dress


Navy Blue Animal Print Dress

navy blue animal print dress


Simple Animal Print Dress

simple animal print dress


Handmade Animal Print Dress

handmade animal print dress


Unique Animal Print Dress

unique animal print dress


Animal Print Mini Dress Idea

animal print mini dress idea


Cool Animal Print Dress

cool animal print dress


Black and White Animal Print Dress

black and white animal print dress


Vintage Animal Print Dress

vintage animal print dress


Stylish Animal Print Dress Idea

stylish animal print dress idea

Be bold and take an animalistic point of you in the way you dress. Choose different patterns with beautiful textures and fabrics to use as key features. From strapless to long sleeve dress design you can find the perfect fit for you and amaze everyone with your unique style and character.

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