Earlier in the days belts were used to hold up a loose pant but well nowadays it used for more than that. It is used as an add-on to make your outfit look more fashionable or fancy. Beaded belts are as classy as a Hermes belt and they are going to make you look chic and like a complete fashionista. Beaded belts have always looked fancy and have always added an extra bling to your costume, let’s take a look at some of the cool beaded belt designs.

Vintage Beaded Belt

vintage beaded belt1


This leather belt has a vintage touch added to it. The beads give the leather a more attractive look and overall this is a design that is a combination of vintage and modern. Isn’t it an amazing combination?

Crystal Beaded Belt

crystal beaded belt


Well, if you have a plain dress and want to top it off with something extra, this will be the perfect one. This might not be a leather belt but it’s beaded and beaded belts as exclusive as leather belts. They shine and look very classy. You are ought to look glamorous with a belt like this.

Black Beaded Belt

This attractive black belt looks dazzling. Team it up with a plain dress and people won’t stop looking. There are beads that have been embedded which make it look so good to look at.

Leather Beaded Belt

leather beaded belt


This is another classic beaded leather belt that you could team with anything. This is a combination of printed design with beads. The print is spread out on half of the belt whereas the beads are in the center grabbing most of the attention.

Diy Beaded Belt

diy beaded belt


This is a belt with a lot of exclusive and intricate work. The work is so much that this belt needs to be handled with a lot of care. This belt, though, once worn gives out a posh and elegant look and feel. The belt will make you fell like you have stepped out of a fairytale.

Aztec Beaded Belt

aztec beaded belt1


This belt is a representation of the American flag. The flag has been filled into the belt with beads that look opulent. This Aztec belt will make you look like a complete fashionista and of course like a complete stud. This is again a vintage belt that needs to be handled with a lot of care.

Beaded Bow Belt

beaded bow belt

This belt is covered in the prettiest rhinestones. This is for that perfect wedding dress of yours. The dress might look beautiful but this belt is going to be standing out even more. The bow design makes it look alluring that adds to the extra beautiful quotient.

Gold Beaded Bridal Belt

gold beaded bridal belt


Each stone is delightful in its own way and all the beads added together makes the most exquisite belt. A wedding outfit is not perfect unless a beautiful belt like this is added to it. The gold tinge added to it makes it look even better and ravishing.

Beautiful Handmade Beaded Belt

beautiful handmade beaded belt


Eclectic Bead Work Belt Design

eclectic bead work belt design


Awesome Beaded Belt for Wedding

awesome beaded belt for wedding


Simple Vintage Beaded Belt

simple vintage beaded belt


Cool Leather Beaded Belt for Men

cool leather beaded belt for men


Lovely Beaded Belt Design

lovely beaded belt design


 Blue Color Beaded Belt design

blue color beaded belt design

This variety of belts, be it leather belt or rigger belt they make your outfit stand out. The beaded belt add a special quotient of visual appeal which will make people keep looking at you. You are definitely going to be setting some trends with belts like these. They are a unique mix of class, vintage and will give you an upbeat feeling.

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