A pencil skirt is figure flattering to all women. It hugs the body just right to show curves in a proper way. This skirt will make any woman appear slimmer, and it’s so versatile that it can fit any occasion. From leather to cotton, you can get a pencil skirt designs in any material, color and pattern. You can wear them in a professional environment with pumps and pair them with cute sandals during your casual days.

Leather Pencil Skirts

If you are intimidated by leather then wearing it as a pencil skirt can help you look feminine as well as boost your confidence. You can pair with a crop top for a casual chic look or brighten it up with a plaid long sleeved shirt. You may also see Sheath Skirt Designs

Black Leather Pencil Skirt

black leather pencil skirt

Floral Pencil Skirts

What better way to show your summer mood than by opting for a floral pencil skirt. Suitable for ladies who love a girly look, wear these skirts with a simple plain top to make the floral pattern the center of attention.

Floral Print Pencil Skirt

floral print pencil skirt

Sequin Pencil Skirts

Most girls love sparkles, and you can show off your girly side by choosing sequin pencil skirts. The figure hugging glitter material will draw attention towards your hips. To make a bold statement wear a sequin tulle skirt with a black sweater that has a cute saying. You may also see Sequin Skirt Designs

Plaid Pencil Skirts

Plaid pencil skirts have a fun vibe that makes them ideal for casual events. When your checked skirt has a thick fabric, then wear it during winter while for summer, opt for thin materials. Chunky accessories make a great addition to these skirts. You may also see Plaid Skirt Designs

Red and Black Plaid Pencil Skirt

red and black plaid pencil skirt


Lace Pencil Skirts

If you want to depict a flirty yet feminine look, then lace pencil skirts will be perfect for you. Ladies who want a less girly look should wear pencils skirt that has lace at the hem only. Lace pencil designs are ideal for romantic dates.

Black Lace Pencil Skirt

black lace pencil skirt

Short Pencil Skirts

Do you want to show off your long sexy legs? If yes, then short pencil skirts can help you do that. Suitable for youths, older women can still wear this skirt as long as they wear stockings or leggings.

Modern Short Pencil Skirt

modern short pencil skirt

Polka Dot Pencil Skirts

Update your closet by getting polka dot pencil skirts which you can wear to date or a book club. Large polka dots designs will look great on petite women as they create an illusion of a balanced body outline.

Black and White Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

black and white polka dot pencil skirt

Maxi Pencil Skirts

Any woman can pull off wearing maxi pencil skirts. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for summer or when going for a vacation in a warm climate. Dress up your pencil skirt by pairing with a beaded top and cute ballet flats. You may also see Maxi Skirt Designs

Denim Pencil Skirts

Denim pencil skirts will always remain trendy making them a must have in your wardrobe. These skirts are ageless and look effortless. Go for denim pencil skirts with a stretch element which will leave you looking curvy, beautiful and comfortable.

Retro Denim Pencil Skirt

retro denim pencil skirt


Casual Pencil Skirts

Casual pencil skirts are so versatile that you can get them in leather, cotton, denim material and in any length. Dress up your casual skirt by pairing with a crop top sweater or a striped turtleneck with ankle boots.

Casual Side Zip Pencil Skirt

casual side zip pencil skirt

Vintage Pencil Skirts

Vintage pencil skirts are unique and can help showcase your personal style. Depending on the length, these skirts can give you a sexy feminine look without exposing too much skin.

Vintage Floral Pencil Skirt

vintage floral pencil skirt

Wrap Pencil Skirts

When you are not sure about the perfect size for a pencil skirt, then go for a wrap design. Wrap pencil skirts are ideal for women with apple or hourglass figures as they put more focus on the body outline.

Mesh Pencil Skirts

Wear something very sexy this weekend by opting for mesh pencil skirts. Suitable for girls with a daring attitude, you will surely stand out with this pencil skirt. Pair black mesh skirts with high heels in bright colors.

Cool Mesh Pencil Skirt

cool mesh pencil skirt

Asymmetrical Pencil Skirts

Asymmetrical Pencil skirts are perfect for accentuating your curves and camouflaging your flaws. During winter pair your skirt with opaque tights heeled boots and a warm sweater. For summer opt for a simple t-shirt and sandals.

Tribal Pencil Skirts

Tribal pencil skirts are ideal casual wear for showcasing unique patterns, textures, and colors. For a day to day look, a simple plain white t-shirt will complement these skirts. For a polished look, add a denim or chambray shirt.

Tribal Print Pencil Skirt

tribal print pencil skirt

If you still haven’t got yourself a pencil skirt, then now is the ideal time to. With so many positive attributes, pencil designs and maxi skirts are a must have in your closet. This hip hugging skirt looks good on slim as well as curvier women no wonder it continues to be in high demand.

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