For some women a sheath skirt allows them to wear something nice and form fitting without the need to be too sexy. The good thing about this fashionable clothing item is that you can wear them for everyday casual wear or as a formal attire. This kind of dress is also used for beach wedding dresses. If you are looking for sheath skirts or dresses you actually have two main options; long and lean or short and sexy.

Lace Sheath Skirt Design

lace sheath skirt design


This lace sheath skirt in a neutral color is the perfect match for the satin top in spaghetti straps. The combination is lethally sexy and it is ideal for a simple and intimate dinner date. If you like the girly beauty of a floral skirt design, but you do not want to wear something too summery, then this skirt is the next best thing.

White Sheath Skirt

white sheath skirt


This long lacy white sheath skirt is the best match for a spaghetti strapped black top. The combination is just so pretty that you would want to just prance around wearing it – on the beach, to the mall or when hosting a backyard afternoon barbecue.

Animal Print Sheath Skirt

animal print sheath skirt


Animal print is becoming very popular now and they are being used for formal dresses and clothing items, like this leopard print sheath skirt. Matched with a simple blouse and yellow blazer, the skirt creates a statement of beauty and elegance that brings out the executive in you.

Vintage Sheath Skirt

vintage sheath skirt


This vintage sheath skirt is a nice addition to your business/casual dresses. It is designed with subtle lines and made of textured fabric with a diagonal slit in the left front side. The length is perfect for women with a petite figure. The matching sleeveless top is also in blue but in a lighter shade – just perfect to liven up the office.

Black Sheath Skirt Design

black sheath skirt design


This black sheath skirt in pencil cut design has a small slit in the front left side. The black sandals provide the perfect match while the golden yellow sleeveless top with sash adds a nice contrast. The look is that of a woman ready to tackle the everyday conflicts of the corporate jungle. You may also see Skirt Dress Designs

Long Sheath Skirt

long sheath skirt


This maroon colored sheath skirt is designed with a right side slit, giving the wearer room to move around. This skirt is ideal as an office attire especially if paired with a simple top like the one worn here.

Classic Sheath Skirt

classic sheath skirt


Pink Color Sheath Skirt

pink color sheath skirt


Cute Orange Sheath Skirt

cute orange sheath skirt


Jeans Sheath Skirt Design

jeans sheath skirt design


Formal Sheath Skirt for Women

formal sheath skirt for women


Simple Sheath Skirt Idea

simple sheath skirt idea

Black Leather Sheath Skirt

black leather sheath skirt

Yellow Color Sheath Skirt

yellow color sheath skirt

African Print Long Sheath Skirt

african print long sheath skirt

Skirts will always be in fashion, despite the fact that some women are preferring jeans and pants for their daily, corporate and formal outfits. Sheath skirts, when paired with the right top or blouse result in casual and cute outfits. Depending on the fabric and design, sheath skirts can be worn by women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

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