Are you tired of wearing simple dresses that barely make a statement? Do you want to get noticed when you go out? Then wear a polka dot dress. These dresses have a retro style that is youthful, fun and chic. They are also versatile meaning you can get a lace dress in any color with small or large polka dots. Be it for the office or party, on this list there is a polka dot dress that will look stunning on you. You may also See Wiggle Dress

Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Revive the 90s style back to life by wearing a black and white polka dot dress. It’s a classy yet fun outfit that you can pair with any heels and go for a date, prom or party. Accessorize with pearls to maintain the vintage look.

black and white polka dot dress

Vintage Polka Dot Dress

Designers are incorporating retro fashion styles into their collections, and you too can be trendy by wearing a vintage polka dot dress. Wear a polka dot illusion dress to an evening party, wedding or a romantic date.

vintage polka dot dress

Casual Polka Dot Dress

Classic pieces like a monochromatic black and white polka dot dress is a must-have in every woman’s closet. For a flirty look wear a design that is a few inches above the knees and pair with heels or boots. Complete the look with a red lip. You may also See Vintage Dress

casual polka dot dress


Polka Dot Dress For Prom

Polka dot dress for prom doesn’t have to be bold and shouting. Subtle color combinations such as blue and gold will make any girl feel like a princess. A full skirt design will accentuate your figure by drawing attention to the waistline.

polka dot dress for prom

Polka Dot Maxi Dress

We all have figure flaws, and long dresses are the perfect for camouflaging any lower body imperfections. A polka dot maxi dress with spaghetti straps look flattering on any figure as it shows only the arms. This dress will look good paired with your favorite sandals.

polka dot maxi dress

Polka Dot Midi Dress Design

Want to show off your legs? Then a midi polka dress is perfect for you. Pair with heels and a belted jacket when going to work or a business meeting. For casual occasions wear cute flat shoes and add a pair of designer sunglasses.

polka dot midi dress design


Polka Dot Wrap Dress

Wear a polka wrap dress, and you showcase the 1970s fashion style. This dress is one of the most transitional pieces that can easily go from a day office look to a night out with friends. The deep V-neck is perfect for adding a statement necklace.

polka dot wrap dress

Mesh Polka Dot Dress

Sheer polka dot dresses are for ladies who love to be bold and girly. For a fun look, wear with a denim jacket.

mesh polka dot dress

Tips to Select Polka Dot Dresses

The trick to looking beautiful in a polka dot dress is to go for a size that fits you comfortably. Wear an extra size, and you look like a goofy kid when it is too tight well you will walk with difficulty. The event you are attending also determines the type of polka dot dress to wear. For formal or work settings, opt for a design with subtle colors and small circles. For casual occasions, you can wear any design. You may also See Pleated Dress

A well-fitting polka dot dress is girly hence will show the feminine side. The retro style can be made modern by accessories, and you can complement its fun vibe with any jacket, blazer or sweater. Adding the right accessories will turn a simple polka dot dress into a perfect prom dress.

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