A good prom dress will flatter your body, enhance beauty and exude elegance. Wearing the perfect dress to prom is a big deal, however, choosing a prom dress doesn’t have to be difficult because all you need is to find one that complements your body type, hairstyle, and skin tones as well depict personality. That is why in this list we have different types of wearable prom dresses to fit the body of any girl.

Short Prom Dresses

Short prom dresses look amazing especially on girls with long sexy legs. They scream attention that is hard to ignore so wear these types of dresses with confidence. If you are worried about exposing too much, then wear sheer stockings or thigh length classy lace boots in black color.

Short Red Prom Dress

short red prom dress


Short White Prom Dress

short white prom dress1

Vintage Prom Dresses

Vintage prom dresses are the essence of class, charm, and daring attitude. They feature unusual shapes and patterns and look best when paired with modern accessories. If you need to stick with vintage from dress to shoes then mix different eras or go for a vintage dress with peek a boo lace.

Vintage Lace Prom Dress

vintage lace prom dress


Long Vintage Prom Dress

long vintage prom dress

Lace Prom Dresses

Lace prom dresses are alluring, timeless and feminine. White or black are the ideal choices that look good on all skin tones; however, you can experiment with other colors like pale pink. Opt for a dress made entirely of lace, or that which incorporates lace at the bottom or sleeves.

Black Lace Prom Dress

black lace prom dress


Lace Mermaid Prom Dress

lace mermaid prom dress


Camo Prom Dresses

Camo prom dresses are suitable for girls with a tough or rebel character. These dresses are stylish, sophisticated and depict an image of a girl who is not afraid to take fashion risks. The best ways to complement camo dresses is with sparkly jewelry or go for camo dresses in blush hues.

White Camo Prom Dress

white camo prom dress


Maxi Camo Prom Dress

maxi camo prom dress

Prom Dresses With Sleeves

A prom dress with long sleeves shows elegance and style. To look trendy and classy go for long sleeve dresses with minimal embellishments that way you can add your favorite accessories such as cuff bracelets so as to give it your personal touch. Sheer sleeves are attractive and look youthful.

Modern Prom Dress with Sleeves

modern prom dress with sleeves


Sequined Prom Dresses

If you need all attention to be on during prom, then wear a sequin dress. These type of prom dresses are stunning, sparkly and bold hence should be complemented with black pumps, minimalist peep toes, multi straps heels or nude wedges. Simple pendants, a cocktail ring or stud earrings will ensure you look elegant.

Gold Sequin Prom Dress

gold sequin prom dress

Blue Sequin Prom Dress

blue sequin prom dress


Pink Prom Dresses

Pink is a stunning yet intense color that can easily make you stand out. Pink prom dress, especially in pale shades are popular with girls of all ages. Pair your pink dress with gold wedges, silver peep toe, brown gladiators or even pale pink shoes in the same color as your dress.

Light Pink Prom Dress

light pink prom dress


Coral Pink Prom Dress

coral pink prom dress


Poofy Prom Dresses

Poofy prom dresses are flattering to any body shape and tend to be strapless with body hugging tops. Feel confident wearing this dress because you can pair with your favorite bold colored shoes that look elegant with your skin tone. For the best look, wear a chunky statement necklace and black high heels.

Short Poofy Prom Dress

short poofy prom dress

Gothic Prom Dresses

Gothic prom dresses are ideal for girls who love wearing gothic makeup and portraying a darker style. With inspiration from the 1980s, gothic dresses incorporate punk and Victorian style. For a gothic look, go for dresses in darker shades, with lace or corset tops and pair with chunky boots.

Gothic Victorian Prom Dress

gothic victorian prom dress

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Gothic Corset Prom Dress

gothic corset prom dress


Velvet Prom Dresses

Velvet prom dresses get their inspiration from the 90s. They feature soft material which can even be paired with the same color of velvet shoes. Depending on the length and color you can opt for a beautiful skater, or bodycon dress design and wear with mid-shaft booties, nude strappy high heels or cute ballet flats.

Strapless Prom Dresses

Strapless prom dresses are ideal for youths with toned shoulders and elongated necks. These dresses draw attention towards the collarbone and upper back hence your dress should not be too tight to create an armpit muffin top. Ladies with busty torsos should avoid these dress types.

Royal Blue Strapless Prom Dress

royal blue strapless prom dress

Red Strapless Prom Dress

red strapless prom dress


Beaded Prom Dresses

When you need to portray fun and elegant style when going for prom, then wear a beaded dress. Whether it is the little beaded black dress or a monochrome design, you will stand out when dressed in a well fitting beaded dress. Pair with gold, silver or metallic jewelry to complement your dress.

Red Prom Dresses

When wearing a red prom dress you need to wear it with confidence because it depicts sexiness, passion, and elegance. Whether knee length, a mini or long, you can complement your red dress by wearing green shoes! Metallic gladiator sandals, black strappy oxfords, nude heels and white wedges will also look stunning.

Red and Black Prom Dress

red and black prom dress


Halter Prom Dresses

If you need a prom gown that shows off the skin as well as highlight your collarbone and shoulders, then go for a halter dress. A high neckline and a low hem will best suit this occasion and depict your personality. Opt for halter prom dresses in polka dots and pair with a glittery clutch and high heels.

White Halter Prom Dress

white halter prom dress

Beaded Halter Prom Dress

beaded halter prom dress

Tulle Prom Dresses

Tulle prom dresses feature a ballerina gown design and complements ladies with any body shape. For a bold feminine look opt for a tulle dress with a sheer lacey top. If you need to draw attention towards your waist, then add a thick statement belt or go for a design with two complementing colors.

Vintage Tulle Prom Dress

vintage tulle prom dress

Rainbow Prom Dresses

Rainbow dresses are associated with young kids making them perfect for prom. They depict a playful and fun character which can showcase your creative dressing code. Since every girl will be wearing a good looking dress, the trick to standing out is to go for rainbow stripes or rainbow polka dots that fit your fashion style.

Puffy Rainbow Prom Dress

puffy rainbow prom dress

Hippie Prom Dresses

Hippie prom dresses will make a statement on their own so pair with simple accessories. If your hippie dress is in a neutral color, then add a statement necklace, vibrant bracelet or shoes to create balance. Don’t forget to wear more than one statement ring with colored stones.

Short Hippie Prom Dress

short hippie prom dress

Formal Prom Dresses

Formal prom dresses get their inspiration from the black tie event or corporate gala. The ideal formal dress is one with a monochrome color, should be floor length, below or slight above the knees and never as a mini dress. You can also wear dark colored dresses in shades of black, gray and navy.

Formal Long Prom Dress

formal long prom dress1


Long Prom Dresses

Long dresses are comfortable and exude sexiness and often reach floor length. Even though you are wearing a long dress, you can opt for a length that shows off your statement shoes. The ideal way of ensuring long prom dresses don’t look dull, is to pair with a vibrant shoe color and a few statement accessories.

Long Sleeve prom Dress

long sleeve prom dress

Floral Prom Dresses

Floral patterns are the best way to depict feminine traits. When wearing a floral prom dress you are sure that your gown is classy, trendy and helps you stand out from other girls. Since floral dresses are eye-catching, it is best to pair with subtle accessories, shoes, and makeup.

Lace Floral Prom Dress

lace floral prom dress

Going to prom can seem like a hustle, especially with finding the right dress, shoes, clutch and a perfect date! However, life is about making memories and going to prom is one of the critical stages that you just can’t afford to pass on. When choosing a prom dress always considers your body shape. Girls with hourglass figures should opt for mermaid dresses while bubble dresses and those with A-line silhouette are perfect for apple shaped.

Fashion is about complementing your body type by wearing the most flattering gown. That is why it is important to choose the perfect prom dress. While there are many kinds of prom dresses, the right one will feel comfortable to dance around in and in a color that showcases your beauty as a young woman.

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