If you love to live a fashionable life, you would definitely look out for personalized dresses. Prom dresses have been in the trend for quite a few decades. These dresses come across a number of varieties. While a section of the people prefers them for their shades, others go for laces and length of the sleeves. These dresses can be used as party-wear, casual wear or any other purpose. Here are ten classy designer dresses that you may love to opt for. You may also See

Lace Mermaid Prom Dress

If you are looking out for a fashionable attire, opt for this lacy mermaid prom dress. It has a narrow-cut design along the body, and widens at the bottom. The light coloured dress is heavily embroidered with floral and leafy designs. The prom dress will go well with women with sleek bodies.

lace mermaid prom dress


Long Lace Prom Dress

This is a beautiful prom dress, white in colour. The satin lace in the dress makes it look elegant. It is a strapless dress that gradually widens towards the bottom. The black artwork with threads in on the white background adds to the beauty of the dress.

long lace prom dress


Lace Backless Prom Dress

Backless dresses make the feminine beauty more pronounced. In this dress, laces add to the beauty of the dress. You can use these dresses as formal dresses, party wear and occasional purposes. It comes with a zipper closure system and widens at the bottom. The upper part of the dress is sleek and narrow. You may also See Lace Dress

lace backless prom dress

Red Lace Prom Dress

This dress has a number of intricate art work in it. The stone-finish of the dress along the borders, intermingled with floral design with the fabrics deliver an elegant look to it. The bright red colour enhances the beauty of the dress. The simple fabric art runs throughout the body of the dress.

red lace prom dress


Long Sleeve Lace Prom Dress

This dress has an elegant design with long laces. The blue colour in the dress is bright and attractive. The lace prom dress is not stretchable and a lining is provided at the edges. The floral fabric art in the sleeves make the prom dress even more attractive.

long sleeve lace prom dress

White Lace Prom Dress

The white lace prom dress has a bright appearance. It has a short-length attire, going down up to the knee. The shoulder-area of the dress is designed with a sophisticated thread-art. You can pair up the dress with matching white footwear.

white lace prom dress1


Short Lace Prom Dress

In this short lace prom dress, the beautiful mix of colours attracts the eyes. It makes the women look unique, chic and sophisticated. These dresses go well in parties and occasions. It is a sleeveless dress and if you want to expose the beauty of your skin, go for this particular dress. You may also See Short Prom Dress

short lace prom dress

If you are looking for the right prom dresses that go well with your figure, you have a number of options to choose from. People pick the prom dresses with half sleeves, full sleeves, knee-length, full length and other varieties. You can also opt for the heavily embroidered ones. Make sure that the dress is compatible with your body to strike an aristocratic look.

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