Timeless and feminine, a lace dress will always be trendy. The white color is ideal for wedding dress designs, however even if you are not yet a bride you can dress up or down this color with statement accessories. While black lace is popular, you can still get this material in colored designs. Whether on the whole dress, at the sleeves or intricately placed at the neckline, lace fabric will make any lady stand out.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is the perfect fabric for wedding dresses as its delicate material tends to flatter any bride and often comes with a matching lace veil. They can feature a lot of volume on the skirt especially if you want a bowl gown or have a slim fitting design.

Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

lace mermaid wedding dress

White Lace Dress Designs

White lace dress designs give a lot of room to accessorize with any color and shoe texture. To avoid looking like a bride during daytime events, opt for the little white lace dress and pair with nude wedges or jewel pumps.

Long Sleeve White Lace Dress

long sleeve white lace dress

Long Sleeve Lace Dresses

Long sleeve dresses especially those covered with lace from top to bottom are feminine and sexy. Suitable for those who need a girly look, the dress will make a statement on its own so pair with subtle jewelry and a bright red lipstick.

long sleeve lace prom dress

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace is often associated with wedding dresses, so you won’t go wrong by choosing it for you bridesmaid. The trick is to avoid a dress completely covered with lace. Instead, opt for dresses that incorporate laces at the neckline or sleeves.

Long Lace Bridesmaid Dress

long lace bridesmaid dress


Lace Maxi Dress Designs

Lace maxi dress designs tend to feature light fabrics which makes them ideal for summer or when going to a sunny vacation. To show curves, go for a design that hangs closer to your body. Short ladies should wear maxi dresses that reach at the ankle.

Black Lace Maxi Dress

black lace maxi dress1


Sleeve Lace Maxi Dress

sleeve lace maxi dress


Lace Bodycon Dresses

Bold and dramatic, a lace bodycon dress will ensure all eyes are on you when you enter a room. Suitable for ladies with an hour glass figure, if you have body flaws like an unflattering tummy wear spandex to create a smooth flow.

Vintage Lace Dresses

Do you want a unique lace dress? If yes, then go for vintage lace dresses. With vintage clothing, you are assured that you are wearing one of a kind dress and the lace material is usually of high quality. Go for colored designs and pair with metallic jewelry.

Short Lace Dress Designs

A short lace dress can make a young lady appear older especially it has thick layers or a bulky fabric. To look fresh always opt for a simple silhouette that is not very clingy but instead outlines your body in a flattering way.

Short Sleeve Lace Dress

short sleeve lace dress


Lace Formal Dresses

For a formal event go for a lace dress in black color and ensure it is below the knees. For an edgier look opt for a design whose hemline is a few inches above the ankles so as to show off your statement shoes.

Lace Mermaid Dresses

Ladies with pear shape body type will look stunning wearing mermaid lace dresses. For a casual occasion go for a lace dress with a solid color and wear with a matching shoe color or black heels. For an evening event, add a statement necklace and a sparkly clutch.

Lace Pencil Dresses

Socks are the hot trend right now and what better way to embrace this look than by matching with a lace pencil dress. For a funky look, pair with flats and chunky jewelry. Ladies with pear shaped should go for backless lace dresses to put focus on the upper body.

Lace Pencil Skirt Dress

lace pencil skirt dress

Lace Cocktail Dress Designs

Lace cocktail dresses are ideal for a holiday dinner or fun parties. For a rebellious look wear the little black lace dress and pair with a leather jacket and an animal print bag. For a girly look, go for a pink colored dress.

Lace Sheath Cocktail Dress

lace sheath cocktail dress

Red Lace Dresses For Women

Red lace dresses for women depict passion, elegance and a bold personality. This lace color is ideal for women of all ages especially when you need to deviate away from the bridal look. Shoes in nude and black color will complete these dresses.

Long Sleeve Red Lace Dress

long sleeve red lace dress

Floral Lace Dresses For Women

The best way to show your fun personality is to opt for a dress that combines floral patterns with lace fabric. Floral lace dresses for women will ensure you look fresh and lively during summer.

Floral Lace wedding Dress

floral lace wedding dress

Floral Lace prom Dress

floral lace prom dress

Casual Lace Dresses

Fun and chic, casual lace dresses are available in many colors. While you will look awesome with a black lace dress, wearing bold colors like red, orange and purple will ensure your dress is the center of attention.

Long Casual Lace Dress

long casual lace dress

Lace Halter Dresses

Put more focus on your upper body by wearing lace halter dress. Pair with ankle-strap heels or cute sandals. For a girly look wear heels with bow embellishments.

Lace Chiffon Dresses

Lace chiffon dresses are suitable for summer. For a formal look opt for a chiffon lace dress in solid color.

Lace Chiffon Wedding Dress

lace chiffon wedding dress


Lace Shift Dresses

If you need universally flattering yet feminine outfits, then go for lace shift dresses. These dresses have a breathing space which will easily camouflage body imperfections.

White Lace Shift Dress

white lace shift dress

Whether your style is funky, gothic or feminine, there are vast lace dress designs that will suit your personality. You can wear a lace dress to a casual event or even formal occasions like prom or wedding. When choosing, lace prom dresses go for colored designs instead of white to avoid looking like a bride.

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