For prom night every girl wants to look magnificent. The many different dress designs that are available on the market can cover every girl’s needs for style. Every girl though has different tastes in dresses. Others like maxi dresses while others prefer short ones. No matter the length, a prom dress needs to be stylish and to reflect the owner’s character. Following, we are presenting you with our collection of short prom dresses to choose.

Short Black Prom Dresses

A black dress is going to be a key feature in your closet long after your prom night. So it will be a great choice to check out black dresses that you can use again for some other formal occasion.

Black Lace Short Prom Dress

black lace short prom dress

Short Black Puffy Prom Dress

short black puffy prom dress

Short White Prom Dresses

Whether it has a high or a sweetheart neckline, with sleeves or strapless a short white prom dress is going to make you feel special and amazing all night long. A white dress in A line will complement every figure.

Short White Tulle Prom Dress for Women

short white tulle prom dress for women


Short Cocktail White Prom Dress

short cocktail white prom dress

Short Red Prom Dresses

With a short red dress you are definitely going to look like a queen. Red dresses come in various styles as well as decorative features like rhinestones, crystals and ribbons while the design has to flatter your body’s shape.

Short Sleeve Red Prom Dress

short sleeve red prom dress

Short Sleeve Prom Dresses

Short sleeves have a carefree attitude that can make you look stunning. Many short sleeve dresses have a decorative element that focuses on the sleeves adding sparkle or character. Choose the right length depending on your personal tastes and style.

Sleeve Short Sequin Prom Dress

sleeve short sequin prom dress

Short Lace Prom Dresses

If you want a romantic look with a touch of feminine sophistication then lace is the fabric you need. You can find many short lace dresses that will give you different styles and looks to choose the one that suits.

Short Puffy Prom Dresses

A puffy dress is going to make you look like a cute prom fairy. You can find many dress designs with tulle that can give this puffy look while maintaining a chic and stylish design for a wonderful outfit.

Short Pink Puffy Prom Dress

short pink puffy prom dress

Short Sequin Prom Dresses

A glamorous alternative of rhinestones is the sequins. A sequin dress will make you look fantastic while you can choose to have it with any design ranging from one shoulder to strapless, in order to give you a spectacular outfit.

Short Silver Sequin Prom Dress

short silver sequin prom dress

Short Tulle Prom Dresses

Make this night memorable with a tulle dress. They are available in every imaginable design while they can look like short wedding dresses when you get them in white color. Match it with strappy high heels for extra height and style.

Short Bodycon Prom Dresses

A bodycon design can accentuate your figure. You can have a beautiful piece decorated with rhinestones or with fancy ribbons that will make your waist and neckline look immaculate. This design is for girls that feel confident with their figures.

Short Beaded Bodycon Prom Dress

short beaded bodycon prom dress

Short Floral Prom Dresses

Even in the middle of the winter, a short floral dress is going to give a romantic style that will make you look perfect. You can choose a vintage design that will look classic and colorful with a chic twist.

Short Strapless Floral Prom Dress

short strapless floral prom dress

Short Camo Prom Dresses

Camo might seem a little hard to see on prom dresses, however they can give you amazing results. You can choose a combination of bodycon design with a puffy tulle skirt that will look cute and fierce for this night.

Short Camo Sequin Prom Dress

short white camo prom dress

Long Sleeve Short Prom Dresses

Long sleeves make a short dress look sophisticated adding character. You can choose a dress with a flattering for your body design while you can choose solid or tulle long sleeves. The colors and styles will give you multiple options.

Long Sleeve Short Lace prom Dress

long sleeve short lace prom dress

Short Formal Prom Dresses

A formal dress has many decorative features that you don’t usually see in casual clothes. Choose glamorous designs with crystals, rhinestones and sequins in a color and style of your choice to add a vivacious tone of character.

Short Semi Formal Prom Dress

short semi formal prom dress


A Line Short Prom Dresses

Dresses in A line have a flattering design that suits every body shape. You can accentuate your small waist or you can hide your hips in a way that will make you look fabulous and confident during this special night.

Short Beaded Prom Dresses

Beads can make your dress look immaculate in a chic and glamorous way. You can choose any design you like with unique patterns of beads to choose for your big night that you can match with same color high heels.

Short Casual Prom Dresses

If you are not the formal dress type of girl then you don’t need to worry because you can find many casual short dresses that will look chic and stylish. Complete with a pair of high or medium high heels.

Short Lace Casual Prom Dress

short lace casual prom dress

Short Strapless Prom Dresses

Showing off your shoulders is going to make you feel like a prom queen no matter what the dress’s style is. You can choose an A line design with strapless necklines or you can go for a bodycon one.

Floral Short Strapless Prom Dress

floral short strapless prom dress

Short Neon Prom Dresses

Neon colors are by far the most creative designs for prom dresses. No matter what color you choose the design is going to look fantastic. You can match neon dresses with high heels in metallic tones or in nude color.

Short Neon Pink Prom Dress

short neon pink prom dress1

You want to look perfect on this special night so you need your dress to look perfect. Look out for luxurious fabrics. Satin, lace, silk and velvet are the fabrics that can give you memorable outfits. Also make sure that the dress’s design matches your body shape for excellent results.

In general, prom dresses are something personal for every girl. The design might range in style, material and decorative elements however it will look amazing no matter what you choose. And remember that it has to feel comfortable for you, from sitting to dancing, in order to look immensely fabulous.

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