Ribbon dresses are girly outfits that appeal to females of all ages. A ribbon dress is a pretty dress with ribbons as a main design. It can be a simple short slip dress or a long gown. Some women even prefer their wedding dresses with ribbons. For women who are more into pants, they chose to wear ribboned tops. If you are looking for some ideas on ribbon dress designs – whether for modern or vintage outfit ideas – the following samples should be of interest to you.

Navy Blue Ribbon Dress

Navy Blue Ribbon Dress Source

This navy blue short dress has a simple straight cut design. The long straps tied as ribbons made it an outstanding outfit that would look great on young women. It can be worn as it is or as a top for a pair of pants, leggings or tight fitting jeans.

Ribbon Wedding Dress

Ribbon Wedding Dress Source

This wedding dress is a dream dress. It is traditionally done in white silk and tulle with the bodice beautifully and carefully handmade embroidered. The skirt has a shorter front and the big ribbon at the back waistline providing accent to the simplicity of the back design. Use this design for pink outfit ideas and you get yourself a stunning prom gown. You may also see Printed Dress Designs

Ribbon Back Dress

Ribbon Back Dress Source

A back ribbon can be both an accent and a functional element. This dress/top, for instance, has a good example of such clothing accents. The ribbon at the back adds both glamour and shape to the design. This is an ideal dress to wear for the office.

Ribbon Illusion Dress

Ribbon Illusion Dress Source

If you are looking for a little black dress that would make you the envy of your friends, you should check this black velvet and ribbon illusion short dress out. The upper part is made of lace and the lower part is perfectly velvety. The black ribbon just under the V-neckline is a sure-fire hit accent.

Fit and Flare Ribbon Outfit

Fit and Flare Ribbon Outfit Source

This checkered mini sleeveless dress is the perfect fit and flare outfit for a casual lunch date. It would also pass for an office attire if you would match it with a nice a girly jacket. The front ribbon allows for a more shapely figure finish.

Vintage Style Ribbon Maxi Dress

Vintage Style Ribbon Maxi Dress Source

For women who likes vintage style dresses, this maxi dress in pastel printed fabric should be a good choice. The ribbon at the back perfectly complements the ruffled sleeves and bust.

Ribbon Top Dress Design

Ribbon Top Dress Design Source

This simple brown checkered blouse is designed with a nice combination of girly simplicity. The Sabrina style provides the girly and flirty look, while the cut is very simple that it would look good on anyone.

Denim Ribbon Outfit Idea

Denim Ribbon Outfit Idea Source

Denim is not just ideal for pants and skirts, it can also be used for a dress. This vintage denim ribbon dress, for example, is a nicely designed outfit. The red piping on the collar and the sleeves provides a good contrast to the blueness of the main material, while the removable ribbon adds a nice accent.

Elegant Ribbon Evening Dress

Elegant Ribbon Evening Dress Source

If you are on the lookout for a perfect evening gown or a prom dress, then this elegant flowing V-necked dress should be an option. The ribbon/ sash applique provides a nice accent to the design.

Trendy Ribbon Midi Dress

Trendy Ribbon Midi Dress Source

This is a nice and trendy printed dress in vintage design. The cotton fabric is in navy blue with white and pink calico floral prints and accented with white lace at the bottom and the satin navy blue ribbon finishes off the design. You may also see Blouson Dress Designs

Classic Ribbon Outfit Idea

Classic Ribbon Outfit Idea Source

Black Ribbon Dress for Women

Black Ribbon Dress for Women Source

Grey Color Ribbon Dress

Grey Color Ribbon Dress Source

Red Ribbon Mini Dress Design

Red Ribbon Mini Dress Design Source

Beautiful Ribbon Outfit Idea

Beautiful Ribbon Outfit Idea Source

Trendy Ribbon Outfit

Trendy Ribbon Outfit Source

Awesome Blue Ribbon Dress

Awesome Blue Ribbon Dress Source

Handcrafted Ribbon Dress

Handcrafted Ribbon Dress Source

Cute Ribbon Prom Dress

Cute Ribbon Prom Dress Source

Black and White Ribbon Outfit

Black and White Ribbon Outfit Source

Retro Style Ribbon Dress Design

Retro Style Ribbon Dress Design Source

Though some may feel comfortable with jeans and shirts, but the fit and flare of dresses will never really go out of style. Whether you are into lacy dresses, little black things or long gowns, you will surely find a ribbon dress that would fit your style.

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