With the emergence of modern technological development, it has become easier for the people to create new and innovative cards for inviting the invitees for any special occasion. Browse through the cyberspace for beautiful designs. The retro theme is popular these days. Make your invitation cards for your wedding with Photoshop polka dots and other retro time pattern available in various sizes and colors.

Make your wedding card flawless with designer dots and enhance the beauty of your wedding card either by printing it or through web designing. Look for the best design in the list of below mentioned designs.

Photoshop Polka Dot Pattern

photoshop polka dot pattern

It is a beautiful red fabric with lace, ribbon, and polka dot pattern. It is fully editable and vector illustration with separated and grouped vector objects. It is an ideal design for wedding cards.

Halftone Dot Pattern Design

halftone dot pattern design

It is a halftone beautiful dot pattern which is a vector illustration and has JPG preview. You can use the design as per your need and follow the user guide that comes with the design when you buy.

High Quality Colorful Dot Pattern

high quality colorful dot pattern

This particular colorful pattern is the ideal option for the web designers to use it as background on any projects or you can also use it as wallpaper on your phone.

High Resolution Blurred Dot Pattern

high resolution blurred dot pattern

This particular design is apt for New Year invitation card. It is an illustration of blurred neon disco light dots pattern on a dark background. So if you are planning to host a new year party then use this design on your invitation card.

Dots Vector Patterns

dots vector pattern

These vector dot patterns are outstanding and vibrant. It is vector dots patterns which are suitable for many purposes. You can use it as background or as halftone texture for your website. These dots are wonderful when it comes to invitation cards and flyer.

Seamless Dot Pattern Design

seamless dot pattern design

It is of 10 different seamless dot patterns and looks amazing when used for printing on fabric and paper. The diagonal polka designs in retro color, when printed on any dress can make you look stunning.

Yellow PSD Dot Pattern

yellow psd dot pattern

This design is so vibrant and bright that can be great for a background of any flyer for any happy event. It is a dotted pop-art, polka dot background consisting of a yellow background with red dots.

Seamless Photoshop Dot Pattern

seamless photoshop dot pattern

It is a seamless polka dot pattern of yellow and white on navy blue background. The image is of JPG preview.

Black and White Seamless Dot Pattern

black and white seamless dot pattern

This dot pattern is so very amazing and is ideal for any use. It has a classy look.

Photoshop Polka Dot Patterns Pack

photoshop polka dot patterns pack

This particular pattern has been designed using Photoshop and has a polka dot pattern in basic colors. It includes brown, navy, gray, white and black.

Dark Polka Dot Patterns

dark polka dot patterns

This design comprises of dark polka dot patterns on dark backgrounds. Download the pattern and use it as per your requirement.

Triangle Dot Seamless Pattern

triangle dot seamless pattern

This is a geometric pattern design and is a complete vector illustration. It is triangle geometric pattern and is considered to be the ideal when used as a background of any journal, postcard, and websites.

Pearl Dot Patterns

pearl dot patterns

This abstract composition of pearl dot patterns is outstanding and can be used by the users as per their requirement. The best usage for this pattern is in the field of craft project to make it much more attractive.

Colorful Polka Dot Pattern Set

colorful polka dot pattern set

It is a seamless pattern set and is completely vector illustration. The pattern is bright comes in vibrant colors and can be used for any work. The advantage is this pattern is editable.

Set of Dotted Seamless Pattern

set of dotted seamless pattern

Dotted pattern have become immensely popular when it comes to wrapping any gifts. With this beautiful pattern after printing can be used as a gift wrapper, surface texture and also as background.

Circle Line Dot Patterns

circle line dot patterns

This particular design is the illustration of abstract white circle dot on a colorful background. This background looks great when used as a wallpaper for PC or any other devices.

Dots and Crosses Patterns

dots and crosses pattern

The dots and crosses patterns come in a PSD file and has unique designs. You can change the color and other features of the pattern as it comes in PSD file.

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