Hats are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. They give style while offering protection from the sun or from cold. There are many hat designs. From beanies to fringe hats, the variety is exceptionally huge, providing multiple choices for every occasion. In this post we are going to walk you through 20+ hat designs that you can wear on certain occasions and how you can style your outfits with them for glamorous and fashionable appearance.

Crochet Hat Designs

Crochet hats have a homey and warm look. Perfect for cold days to protect you from cold, you can choose any style. These hat designs come in a multitude of different designs and patterns with colors that are sure to make your heart warm up right when you see them.

Crochet Hat for Women

Monogram Hat Designs

Hats have many design patterns printed or stitched on them. You can decide on a monogram to give you a stunning and sophisticated look. Monograms are suitable for every hat design, though the most common are baseball hats. The variety of fonts used for these designs will amaze you.

Bucket Hat Designs

Almost every brand has designed at least one bucket hat design. Available in various stunning color combinations and patterns and made from different materials, finding the right one will be a piece of cake. Ideal for men and women, this design comes in variations like bucket and bell designs.

Bucket Floral Hat Design


Baseball Hat Designs

Baseball hats used to be only part of sportswear. However, the last couple years it has been upgraded to one of the most fashionable trends. Materials like denim and leather along with unique patterns can give you style in an elegant way to rock everyday’s outfit anywhere you go.

Black and Red Baseball Hat


Spring Hat Designs

During spring time you need a hat design that will not feel heavy. You can get a spring hat design that has a large brim to protect you from the sun while it gives you the opportunity to express your personal style. You can go for pastel colors for effect.

Portrait Spring Hat Design


Spring Summer Hat

Floral Hat Designs

Flowers are suitable for every occasion. An amazing combination of floral hat design with total black outfits will make you look amazing no matter the time of the year. From red roses to multicolored flowers you can find it on many hat designs as a print or with flower embellishments.

Cute Floral Hat Design


Floral Tropical Hat

Fringe Hat Designs

Fringe hats provide a sense of elegance. You can choose a fringe hat design in a multi-colored or monochromatic version. Make sure you match the colors well with your outfits in order to get the maximum style. Ideal for both casual and formal appearances you can get the one that fits.

Vintage Fringe Hat Design


Leather Hats

Leather hats used to be more common for men’s wear. Nowadays, leather is considered a unisex material that looks remarkable on any hat design. From baseball hats to fedoras you can find leather hats in a great variety of colors, styles as well as combined with other materials like denim.

Leather Cowgirl Hat


Beach Hats

Going to the beach or to the pool is when you’ll need the most protection against the sun. So, why not do it with style? This year’s trends are the extra-wide brimmed hats made of straw and adorned with ribbons and leather in a minimalist style that looks incredible.

Awesome Beach Hat


Beach Hat for Women


Floppy Hat Designs

Floppy hats can give you an elegant and chic look no matter what you are wearing. This hat design has a floppy brim that compliments all face shapes and adds a subtle vibe of sex appeal that will make you look irresistible. Available in a variety of materials to choose.

Modern Floppy Hat


Polka Dot Hat Designs

Polka dots are suitable for everyone and for every age. Many hat designs have polka dots patterns that give a tonne of cuteness to the look. In a variety of color combinations, you can find hats for every style. Experiment with the different designs and find one that looks best.

Polka Dot Beach Hat


Pink Polka Dot Hat

Trippy Hat Designs

Trippy hats are a great way to express your funky side. They look a lot like baseball hats and have creative prints on them. You can choose from a multitude of patterns and prints to explore your personal style and change it anytime you feel like it’s needed.

Animal Print Hats

There are many that think that animal prints are only for the daring ones. However, this design is versatile and when used correctly it can give you extra points for your fashionable choices. Make a statement using your animal hat design and make every outfit look stylish and well chosen.

Funny Hat Designs

Halloween is getting closer so get ready with a funny hat. Get creative and find a hat that will bring you the Halloween spirit. You can find many hat designs that are inspired by animals, nature or fiction. If the hat makes you smile then it’s probably the right one.

Christmas Funny Hat

Mesh Hat Designs

The mesh is transparent one allowing the head to breathe. This makes it a great material for hat designs. You can find it in various styles like Aussie Golf, fedoras and baseball hats. A great idea for hot days during summertime, you can find it in many colors, monochromatic and multi-colored.

Crocheted Mesh Hat


Plaid Hat Designs

Plaids have been around for decades. This beautiful pattern design is ideal for men and women that want to look traditional and stylish at the same time. Plaid hat designs can be found in a variety of color combinations as well as materials so you can find the right one.

Camo Hats

Show off your style with a military style hat. Camo hat designs are making their comeback with a combination of styles and color schemes. You can find camo hats in baseball caps, bucket hats and boonie hats that will allow you to show your militant discipline.

Trendy Como Hat


Bling Hat Designs

Pearls, rhinestones and crystals can give unique and glamorous makeover on any hat design. One of the most popular in urban and street style is the bling hat design. Suitable for every woman that wants to look fabulous even on the days that she wears just jeans and t-shirt outfits.

Bling Football Hat Design


Wedding Hat Designs

Hats can be the coolest accessory even on your wedding day. Available in many designs and comprising different materials you can find the most elegant and stylish wedding hat design. Make this special day even more special with an exquisite hat design that will you’re your beauty shine and glow.

Beautiful Wedding Hat


Cream wedding hat

Cardboard Hats

Cardboard hats are amazing ideas for a DIY project. Give something special to your kids, creating your own hats, using cardboard and glue. You can paint them with colors and style them with embellishments to create something that will make your kids look adorable for parties or Halloween time.

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