Hats have been used for centuries. The style could vary depending on your social position or your occupation. Originating from the far west, the cowboy hats have been a symbol of masculinity and competence for decades. Made of various materials and with strong earthy colors, the Stetson hats as they are also called, have been a trend for many countries. Following this, we have prepared a collection of cowboy hats to help you choose yours. You may also see Trucker Hat Designs

Straw Cowboy Hats

A straw hat has a woven design that adds style and character to every outfit. Many designs feature a vented pinch in the front of the crown to let your hair breath while the wide brim protects you from sun.

Leather Cowboy Hats

Leather hats have a strong earthy look that makes them look incredible. You can find many designs that come with decorative elements like plaited leather with metal buckles that give a rough but elegant style to the cowboy hat design. You may also see Christmas Hat Designs

Small Brim Cowboy Hats

A smaller brim in cowboy hats has the strong vibe of masculinity that goes well with formal attire and suits. You can find them in various materials like leather, felt or wool giving you a great range of fashionable options.

Small Brim Black Cowboy Hat

small brim black cowboy hat

Denim Cowboy Hats

Depending on the color of the denim, the cowboy hat can get a different style. You can go for a hat with faded denim fabric and metal decorative elements for a grunge look or you can go for dark one.

Blue Denim Cowboy Hat

blue denim cowboy hat


Kid’s Cowboy Hats

Many boys and girls around the world dream of becoming a cowboy or a cowgirl. You can find many stunning designs of cowboy hats for your little ones, with decorative designs as well as in colored versions for extra style. You may also see Hippie Hat Designs

Kid’s Crochet Cowboy Hat

kids crochet cowboy hat

Vintage Cowboy Hats

From wide to small brim and from pinched crown to smooth you can find many vintage designs in antique stores. These cowboy hats have a timeless look that with various levels of wear has a classic quality for casual outfits.

Unique Vintage Cowboy Hat

unique vintage cowboy hat

Crochet Cowboy Hats

Crochet designs look cute on kids and babies. You can make one on your own with the help from tutorials across the web or you can find ready-made designs in the market to gift to your friends or family’s kids.

Cool Crochet Cowboy Hat

cool crochet cowboy hat


Wrangler Cowboy Hats

Wrangler hat designs have a wide brim with lifted sides that bring a whole new level of style to your outfits. It comes in wool, fur and leather while the decorative elements can range from small studs to belt buckles.

Wrangler Cowboy Hat with Feather

wrangler cowboy hat with feather

Camouflage Cowboy Hats

Camouflage cowboy hats have a wild look that can make your outfits look edgy. The variety of the color combinations is wide while the camouflage can be found in the decorative elements of the hat like on the brim edge. You may also see Bucket Hat Designs

Cowboy Party Hats

This is both for kids and adults. Cowboy hats for parties can be found in the market or on online retailers giving you the opportunity for a stylish appearance. The available designs have a great range of prices and quality.

Pink Cowboy Party Hat

pink cowboy party hat

Beach Cowboy Hats

You can go to the beach with a stylish hat and get the needed protection from the harmful sun rays. Cowboy hats in straw have a great quality that block the sun while allowing the head to breath in style.

Floppy Cowboy Beach Hat

floppy cowboy beach hat

Felt Cowboy Hats

As a material, felt has a soft textured surface that makes it ideal for the cold periods during the year. They are suitable for both men and women while they can have various decorative elements adding character to the look.

Vintage Felt Cowboy Hat

vintage felt cowboy hat

Mini Cowboy Hats

Mini cowboy hats can be used as a hair accessory. This is for the women that want to have something special on certain occasions like costume parties or themed events. The designs can be covered rhinestones or sequins for glam. You may also see Preppy Hat Designs

Mesh Cowboy Hats

This design is for those that like the cowboy style hat but don’t want their head to overheat. The mesh can give you a stylish option for the crown area while the brim will protect the face and your eyes.

Simple Mesh Cowboy Hat

simple mesh cowboy hat

Funny Cowboy Hats

If you want to add a humorous punch on your looks then you should check out the variety of funny cowboy hats. Vibrant bold colors, contrasting materials and lots of humor get a complete makeover with the funniest designs available.

Huge Funny Cowboy Hat

huge funny cowboy hat

Like bucket hats, the cowboy style has a unique design that can be matched with formal and informal attire. You can choose a design for your kid’s costume party or you can get a unique design made of unusual materials. We hope that our guide helped you find the one.

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