Offbeat designs for finger rings are in vogue. There is more to abstract and minimalistic designs and bullet rings perfectly suit the category. Many couples are now using these ring designs for their wedding ceremonies. However, nothing can take the romance out of Marquise Diamond ring. They are well carved and have an antique feel to them. Made in sterling silver or gold, and studded with a diamond in the centre, this makes for a unique wedding ring design.

Fulfilling your sparkling fantasy with this bullet shaped diamond ring design. Bikers who want to get married can choose these designs to add an element to their personality. Many rings come with etched names and a-typical design of a bullet.

This is a sterling silver handmade ring with a bullet design and a border or swirls. This is a simple design suitable for people with a strong personality.

Bullet Birthstone Ring

bullet birthstone ring

A beautifully carved bullet ring studded with rhinestones and Swarovski crystal in the centre gives a classic and an antique look. This is nickel plated ring and is rust free. It is suitable for women who love to drive bikes and also have a feminine side.

Diy Bullet Ring

diy bullet ring


This is a brass ring with intricate design and a blue stone studded in the centre. It gives an antique feeling and is suitable for the garage punk rockers who like to display their sensitive side. It has a unique charm and motley of elements that can make this ring stand out.

Bullet Engagement Ring

bullet engagement ring


This is an adjustable bullet engagement ring with a beautiful stone set in. It is suitable for men and women. The design is elaborate and well carved on all the sides. This is a unique design to think about when it comes to buying engagement rings.

Cool Bullet Ring Design

cool bullet ring design


A simple ring in bullet design is suitable for girls. It has a simple ring shape of 9mm length and no elaborate design elements to it. There is a stone studded in the middle of the ring. Women who love to sport something different can try this jewelry out.

Pearl Bullet Ring Idea

pearl bullet ring idea

Those who want to have a country wedding with cowboy hats and pearl set bullet ring can go for this design. Suitable for women, the pearl brings true love and peace in relationships. This is an adjustable ring with nickel plating.

Lovely Bullet Ring for Women

lovely bullet ring for women


This is an elegant design for a bullet ring and has a white stone studded in. Men ring designs vary slightly from women wedding ring designs. Ring designs for men’s jewelry are not as elaborate as women’s ring designs.

Bentwood Bullet Ring

bentwood bullet ring


A wooden ring with a blue stone has a unisex appeal to it. Men would prefer this ring as it has a toughie look to it. This is a simple ring design that has a massive style statement. If you love to flaunt something different that also shows your sensitive side, choose this ring.

Handmade Bullet Ring with Blue Stone

handmade bullet ring with blue stone


This is not a platinum engagement ring design, but something that suits a casual occasion. With three rings fit together and a bullet ring place on the top gives a rugged appeal. Wear ripped denim and t-shirts along with this ring.

Simple Bullet Ring Idea

simple bullet ring idea


Wire Wrapped Bullet Ring Design

wire wrapped bullet ring design


Antique Bullet Casing Ring

antique bullet casing ring


Purple Stone Bullet Ring

purple stone bullet ring

Unique Bullet Ring Design

unique bullet ring design

Perfect Bullet Ring for Men

perfect bullet ring for men

Bullet Couple Rings Design

bullet couple rings design

Diamond wedding rings are umpteen. They come embedded in different materials. Right from, gold, silver, platinum to antique metals, they look beautiful when set into them. Make your wedding and engagement ceremony fantastical wearing these stunning designs of finger rings. For him and her, you can get a similarly carved ring.

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