The serpents have long inspired the creative imaginations of artists. The symbolic significance of the snake is very rich. The snake, symbolic of patience, eternity and rejuvenation, has hence been carved into many  pieces of stupendous jewellery. Snake rings which come in a variety of designs, sized and shapes have rapidly caught the fancy of the fashionistas. Following are a few snake ring designs that are amazingly attractive.

Emeralds are one of the most exquisite and exclusive pieces of stones. It is often termed as the “stone of successful love” and is a very good option to gift it to your fiance instead of the standard vintage engagement ring.

Ruby Snake Ring Design

ruby snake ring design

Rubies are expensive, true. But, they are also one of a kind and cannot be easily substituted. Fiery and captivating, a ruby is a fine stone to add to a ring accompanied by precisely cut diamonds. You may also see Bullet Ring Designs

Coiled Snake Ring

coiled snake ring

This coiled snake design makes a fine ring, both out of platinum and silver. The intricate cross details make it more graphic and can be worn with both your ethnic and western wear.

Double Snake Ring

double snake ring

Sterling silver is a fine element to make jewellery. Snake rings, because of their visual appeal and symbolic value, may as well be considered as able alternatives for Celtic rings, for when you feel like a change in mood.

Victorian Snake Engagement Ring

victorian snake engagement ring

This Victorian Era inspired snake ring tells the tale of the past through the intricate design and the cut of the stones embedded in it. A black or olive gown paired with this ring will make an impeccable ensemble.

Snake Knot Ring

snake knot ring

Snakes and knots both signify eternity and is, therefore, a perfect match. A very contemporary design and a matte tone of the element are best to go with this particular bohemian ring.

Crystal Snake Ring Design

crystal snake ring design

An unblemished design immaculately cut stones and a design that can give Swarovski jewellery a run for its money. If you are looking for that one special accessory to complement your entire outfit, say a white lace dress, but in a rather minimalistic way, go for this without any second thoughts.

Wrap Around Snake Ring

wrap around snake ring

The advantage of wrap around rings is that they are generally adjustable and hence lasts long. This particular ring in the above picture is a rare piece. Rare in the sense that it goes perfectly well with casual, party and formal wear.

Black and White Snake Ring

black and white snake ring

If you are a monotone lover, yet want to wear snake rings, then simply go for a black and white snake ring. But not necessarily something that is absolutely standard and even common. It could be something like (in the picture), which is both monotone and unique.

Simple Snake Ring Design

simple snake ring design

Snake Band Ring Idea

snake band ring idea

Double Headed Snake Ring

double headed snake ring

Awesome Snake Ring Design

awesome snake ring design

Yellow Gold Snake Ring

yellow gold snake ring

Unique Twin Snake Ring

unique twin snake ring

Snake rings are so amazingly versatile that you could practically wear them every day in a different design without being repetitive. Also, they are not only expensive or low-priced, they come in both ranges and with an equally huge number of options. Bohemian, or conservative, casual or work wear, there’s one snake ring design for every outfit.

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