Pendants provide beautiful accents to necklaces. Though a simple chain would look nice, it can look better with the right pendant. Some people go for pendants based on their personal preferences. For instance, a romantic person would have a heart shaped pendant, or a religious one would be wearing a cross with the necklace chain. A snake pendant is something out of the ordinary, but it is being used by more and more people today. It can be a snakehead or a snake body in circular form. It can also be a stone pendant in snake metal background.

Dainty Snake Pendant

dainty snake pendant

This dainty snake pendant is ideal for people who like the Never Ending Story. It is made of two snakes in continuous circular form and done with a bronze finish. It acts as the pendant for the black faux suede cord.

Diamond Snake Pendant

diamond snake pendant

This diamond snake pendant is designed as a snake body formed into an open circle. It has 14k yellow gold metal and single cut diamonds. The combination of the diamonds and the yellow gold makes this pendant unique and the simple silver chain provides a nice contrast to such jewelry art magnificence. You may also See Oval Pendant Designs

Jade Snake Pendant

jade snake pendant


This necklace is composed of four main materials – jade, garnet, silver and silk. The snake itself is made in jade with the garnet used for the eyes. The green masterpiece is then connected to the black silk cord with a sterling silver ring.

Celtic Snake Pendant

celtic snake pendant


This Celtic snake pendant is designed as one whole snake in continuous circular form. It is done in sterling silver and it would easily match with a silver-plated chain.

Turquoise Snake Pendant

turquoise snake pendant


If you like a beaded pendant and you are a romantic who loves snake, then you should consider this necklace set. It has two pendants – the golden snake and the golden heart. The arrangement is simple forming the snake into lovers knot that holds the dangling turquoise heart.

Zodiac Snake Pendant

zodiac snake pendant

This Chinese lucky charm has the Zodiac Snake feature. It was created in lead-free pewter and then hand-painted using black enamel. The pendant is unique and simple and the black cotton cord provides the ideal chain.

Gold Snake Pendant

gold snake pendant


Wooden Snake Pendant

wooden snake pendant


Some people go for the normal pendants. They like hearts if they are romantic, crosses for the religious or pearl pendant for formal occasions like weddings and prom. With the wide availability of pendant designs in animal themes, it is not really surprising that snake pendants are gaining popularity among the young generation. Such pendants represent individuality and personal expression.

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