Eye-catching and attractive; pendant designs are one of the timeless tools for decorating the body. Although they feature unique designs, material, shapes and color, they all function to adorn the body, express personal style and compliment an outfit. While a pendant looks good in short or long chains, the trick to fitting any occasion is to wear it with an adjustable chain. That way you can wear it long for casual occasions and shorten it for elegant formal events.

Diamond Pendant Designs

Diamond pendants feature a sparkly element which enables this accessory to emphasize the classic status of the event. Diamonds make a great beauty impact when paired with a monochromatic dress. Their elegant trait makes these designs perfect for an evening date, cocktail parties, wedding ceremonies or a romantic night out.

Small Diamond Pendant Design

small diamond pendant design


Floating Diamond Pendant Design

floating diamond pendant design

Gold Pendant Designs

Whether on bracelets, necklaces, brooch or earrings, gold pendant designs are a favorite to many because of their value and beauty. It exudes elegance hence fits in both fun casual and strict formal events. Gold pendants also look good on all skin tones so you know you will look fabulous no matter the time of day.

Rose Gold Pendant Design

rose gold pendant design


White Gold Pendant Design

white gold pendant design

Solitaire Pendant Designs

Solitaire pendant designs tend to feature single oval shaped gemstone. This type of pendant will make a perfect gift for your mother, sister or wife and will look good even with a simple t-shirt. Place your solitaire pendant on a thin chain with a length that lays at the center of your clavicle.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design

diamond solitaire pendant design


Sapphire Solitaire Pendant Design

sapphire solitaire pendant design

Emerald Solitaire Pendant Design

emerald solitaire pendant design

Pearl Pendant Designs

Pearl pendant designs are a worthwhile investment that will make ladies of all ages look stunning. Mothers can even pass this pendant type to their children! You can get a pearl pendant in an attractive shape such as stars, hoops or in a heart designs. Simple pearl pendants will add a sophisticated image to office attire.

Black Pearl Pendant Design

black pearl pendant design

Single Pearl Pendant Design

single pearl pendant design


Vintage Pearl Pendant Design

vintage pearl pendant design

Ruby Pendant Designs

A ruby pendant makes the wearer beautiful and gives a distinct look. Ruby stones are associated with the sun hence symbolize wisdom, passion, good fortune and overall positive energy. You can get ruby pendant designs in necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras. Gift this pendant to a person going for an interview or exams.

Ruby Heart Pendant Design

ruby heart pendant design


Natural Ruby Pendant Design

natural ruby pendant design

Name Pendant Designs

Women love to make themselves distinct, and one way of doing that is to wear a name pendant. A pendant with your name will make you get attached to the accessory, so you are bound to wear it often. There will be no need to introduce yourself because the jewelry will do the talking for you.

Family Name Pendant Necklace

family name pendant necklace

Emerald Pendant Designs

According to the Indian culture, when gifted to a loved one an emerald pendant works to keep the relationship bond strong as well as unveiling a betrayer. Since emerald pendants have a bold green color its best to let the accessory stand out by opting to wear a neutral tone outfit.

Vintage Emerald Pendant Design

vintage emerald pendant design


Teardrop Emerald Pendant Design

teardrop emerald pendant design

Opal Pendant Designs

Opal pendant designs represent charm, beauty, and mystery. You can get this pendant in black, milky white, bolder and crystal style depending on the color that you find attractive. Opal pendants tend to blend different patterns which change color when exposed to light making it interesting, unique and stunning.

Blue Opal Pendant Design

blue opal pendant design

Wire Wrapped Pendant Designs

Wire wrapped pendants are unique, so they retain their value. The artisan also puts hard work, passion, and creativity into their work resulting in a satisfactory product. Wear this pendant on a bracelet, necklaces, and anklets. Attach wire wrapped pendants in long chains and wear with jeans and a graphic t-shirt.

Silver Pendant Designs

Whether you are fair, dark or have rainbow hair color, silver will look good on every person. You can wear a fancy necklace with silver pendants during the day. If you need a subtle look, then pair silver pendants with cool colored outfits. For a dramatic effect match silver pendants with a silver outfit.

Silver Initial Pendant Design

silver initial pendant design


Silver Key Pendant Design

silver key pendant design

Heart Shaped Pendant Designs

Heart shaped pendants feature heart shaped gemstones and incorporate other metals such as silver or gold. These pendants are the perfect gift for valentine, mother’s day or birthday because the love symbol portrays affection and a strong bond. Apart from incorporating diamonds, you can also find heart shaped pendants with colored stones such as ruby.

Garnet Heart Shaped Pendant Design

garnet heart shaped pendant design

Emerald Heart Shaped Pendant Design

emerald heart shaped pendant design

Heart Shaped Ruby Pendant

heart shaped ruby pendant


Cross Pendant Designs

If you need to show your faith or religious stand, then a cross pendant design can do that for you. Cross pendants featuring sparkling gemstones will best suit elegant events and can even be paired on a choker when you need to portray a fun personality. You can get these pendants on a leather chain.

Celtic Cross Pendant Design

celtic cross pendant design

Turquoise Cross Pendant Design

turquoise cross pendant design

Jade Pendant Designs

The green jade pendant designs are a symbol of wealth. In Chinese culture, women wear jade jewelry as a way of warding off evil spirits as well as to health both the body and soul. If you are not a spiritual person, you can still wear a jade pendant to show its beauty and strong trait.

Carved Jade Pendant Design

carved jade pendant design

Jade Buddha Pendant Design

jade buddha pendant design

Stone Pendant Designs

Precious and semi-precious stones are famous for making stunning jewelry. Pendants featuring precious stones tend to include diamonds, ruby, emeralds, and sapphire. Designs with semi-precious stones incorporate moonstone, malachite, turquoise or blue topaz. Whatever stone pendant you choose, ensure it enhances beauty and matches with your personality.

Agate Stone Pendant Design

agate stone pendant design


Drop Pendant Designs

Drop pendant designs can be simple yet elegant enabling the wearer to look feminine. A drop pendant on a long chain will draw attention to your whole look so wear it with confidence or layer it with shorter necklaces. You can get this pendant in materials such as pearls, crystal, gold, and silver.

Tear Drop Pendant Design

tear drop pendant design


Crystal Drop Pendant Design

crystal drop pendant design

Oval Pendant Designs

You will undoubtedly receive compliments when wearing oval pendant designs. Depending on what material the pendant is made of, the oval will create a balance for women with heart, inverted triangle and square face shapes. You can add your oval pendants in different chain sizes to refresh simple outfits.

Oval Diamond Pendant Design

oval diamond pendant design

Oval Garnet Pendant Design

oval garnet pendant design

Sterling Silver Oval Pendant

sterling silver oval pendant


Beaded Pendant Designs

Beaded pendant designs can add a touch of color making a dull outfit look attractive. Beaded jewelry is so versatile that you can get your pendant in amazing colors. For a bohemian trend opt for beaded pendants in rainbow colors while for a feminine or office look go for small beaded pendants.

Beaded Heart Pendant Design

beaded heart pendant design

Seed Bead Pendant Design

seed bead pendant design


Glass Bead Pendant Design

glass bead pendant design


Floral Pendant Designs

Floral pendants designs are the epitome of femininity. While they are chic and eye-catching, the best way to draw attention towards floral pendants is to wear a nude or neutral outfit. The best aspects about floral pendants are the diversity of colors and shape. They are suitable for a fun weekend look.

Floral Glass Pendant Design

floral glass pendant design


Anchor Pendant Designs

Show your love for nautical jewelry by wearing anchor pendant designs on necklaces, earrings or bracelets. You can either wear anchor pendants solo or mix with other charms to create a unique pendant that portrays your style and character. If you prefer eco-friendly materials, then pair this pendant with a black or brown leather chain.

Silver Anchor Pendant Design

silver anchor pendant design


Anchor Cameo Pendant Design

anchor cameo pendant design

Crystal Pendant Designs

Wear crystal pendants when you need an extra boost of energy. Placing it closer to your neck symbolize clear communication while attaching your crystal pendant to a chain that reaches closer to the heart shows love, peace and creativity. The color of crystal and size will determine the outfit you should wear.

Crystal Ball Pendant Design

crystal ball pendant design


Crystal Skull Pendant Design

crystal skull pendant design

Importance and Tips in Selecting a Pendant Design

Pendant designs display different gemstones hence they enhance an outfits appeal and beauty of the wearer. When choosing a pendant it is important to consider size, the outfit you will be wearing and the event you’ll be attending. Large pendants look good with thin chains and complement outfits with simple necklines. On the other hand, small pendants work to blend the whole look and make a subtle statement, therefore, should be paired with delicate chains.

You can get the pendant you want in a bracelet, necklace, anklet, tiara or earrings. These accessories incorporate different gemstones and are available in a vast colors, shapes, and sizes. They work to display different gems in a pattern and form that an individual prefers. With unique pendant designs, your accessories will look attractive.

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