Women have been using jewelry since ancient times. For a long time, pendants have been a trend for almost every age among the female population. Rhinestone pendant is both a glamorous and stylish piece of jewelry that can accessorize any look.

If you are planning to make new additions to your jewelry collection, like with an opal heart pendant, then we hope to give you some pointers with this list of amazing rhinestone pendant design ideas.

Rhinestone Cross Pendant

rhinestone cross pendant

This silver rhinestone cross is a great example of a statement piece of jewelry. The careful design along with the different sized rhinestones give a glamorous and vintage tone to every outfit. It will be perfect as a special occasion accessory.

Vintage Rhinestone Pendant

vintage rhinestone pendant

Vintage pieces have an all time classic feeling. Choose a vintage piece in bright and clear color rhinestones like this flower pendant. The details on the leaves and the flower petals give a realistic appearance to the rhinestone pendant necklace.

Hello Kitty Rhinestone Pendant

hello kitty rhinestone pendant

This is a great pendant to gift a girl. The colors are inspired by Hello Kitty giving a great combination of glossy pink and white with red and clear colored rhinestones. It’s ideal for a birthday present.

Minnie Mouse Rhinestone Pendant

minnie mouse rhinestone pendant

Disney has inspired many jewelry companies. You can find excellent pieces like this Minnie Mouse pendant. The color combo of white, red and blue rhinestones bring together a charming design. This is suitable for everyday set ups and special occasions.

Custom Rhinestone Pendant Design

custom rhinestone pendant design

For a wedding, this is a great idea to give as a gift to your bridesmaids. You can choose the rhinestone in the same color as the dresses or your flowers for a more luxurious tone to your special day.

Rhinestone Bow Pendant

rhinestone bow pendant

It’s a simple design inspired by the Hello Kitty brand. The red rhinestones that embellish the bow to give a tone of glam to this beautiful pendant. The snap button adds a grunge character to the necklace making it suitable for everyday.
Every princess needs a crown of her own. This statement piece is a gorgeous crown design that you should consider. It has clear rhinestones in different sizes that create a remarkable pendant. This is ideal for parties and special occasions.

Frozen Rhinestone Pendant

frozen rhinestone pendant

For winter time, you can never have enough snowflakes. The light blue rhinestones perfectly match the clear ones creating this perfect design. You can always get it in a different color combination to match your special occasion outfits.

Rhinestone Bridal Pendant Necklace

rhinestone bridal pendant necklace

Gorgeous Rhinestone Necklace Set

gorgeous rhinestone necklace set

Rhinestone Infinity Symbol Pendant

rhinestone infinity symbol pendant

Art Deco Rhinestone Pendant

art deco rhinestone pendant

Heart Rhinestone Crystal Pendant

heart rhinestone crystal pendant

Rhinestone Statement Bib Pendant

rhinestone statement bib pendant

Rhinestone Starfish Pendant Necklace

rhinestone starfish pendant necklace

Rhinestones add shine to every woman’s life. There is a great variety of rhinestones in different colors and sizes to choose from depending on the occasion or on how you will use it. You can get a simple clear rhinestone necklace or an elegant topaz pendant for glamorous nights out.

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