Due to its bold color and beautiful designs, enamel jewelry has become a must-have to any fashionable woman. The enamel material has become versatile enough to incorporate even an animal themed jewelry for animal lovers. When it comes to colors and designs the choices are endless; thus enabling you to pick any tropical jewelry with different finishes. So, whether you prefer earrings, necklaces or bracelets, there’s an enamel jewelry design that will complement your outfit.

Vintage Enamel Jewelry

vintage enamel jewelry


Vintage jewelry is a must have accessory for any lady. Go for a bold orange color necklace with shimmering embellishments and an enamel clasp that guarantees to make you look classy in the easiest way possible.

Antique Enamel Jewelry

antique enamel jewelry


Antique jewelry can never go out of style. So get yourself an antique bracelet or as a gift to your loved ones. You can opt for multi-colored enamel jewelry with a heart gemstone that portrays your style and meaning. You may also see Sculptural Jewelry Designs

Enamel Flower jewelry Design

enamel flower jewelry design

Vintage flower earrings are not only feminine but also stylish. The bold pink rhinestone which contrasts with the peach floral pattern helps this jewelry to compliment any summer or casual outfit.

If you love rainbow colors, then a silver enamel rainbow necklace is for you. The different colored flag shapes, the tiny glass beads, and sterling silver chain makes this handmade necklace perfect for summer and spring.

Handmade Enamel Jewelry

handmade enamel jewelry


Crafted for style and comfort, this handmade enamel necklace is torch fired to give it a long lasting and better quality trait. While the necklace might look simple, its unique circular patterns are designed to complement any floral or monochrome outfit.

Enamel Bird Pendant Necklace

enamel bird pendant necklace


If a witchy jewelry design is what you’re looking for, then an enamel bird pendant necklace is just what you need. The chain is made using a unique enamel technique that ensures the necklace is heat and chemical resistant.

Black Enamel Jewelry Design

black enamel jewelry design

Make a bold fashion statement by opting for this black enamel jewelry design. The fold over clasp, black stones enclosed in gold metal gives this necklace a vintage look that will go well with both casual and formal dresses.

Scandinavian Enamel Jewelry

scandinavian enamel jewelry

An enamel tulip pair of earrings portrays a feminine trait that is a must have for most ladies. The contrasting blue and pink color together with a stamped Scandinavian mark ensures that these earrings belong to you only and represent your style.

Enamel Glass Jewelry

enamel glass jewelry

Made from a mix of enamel, glass and blue, gold and white metal beads; this necklace will complement even a simple outfit. The stiffer wire and brass clasp in the necklace makes it possible to wear it as a bracelet!

Enamel Animal Jewelry Design

enamel animal jewelry design

Dog lovers can opt for an enamel animal jewelry design that depicts a classy persona. The Dalmatian pendant made in a gold tone gives this necklace a sophisticated look that is perfect as a gift for any who admires animals. You may also see Mosaic Jewelry Designs

Handcrafted Enamel Pendant Necklace

handcrafted enamel pendant necklace


Unique Enamel Pendant Design

unique enamel pendant design


Simple Enamel Ring Design

simple enamel ring design


Enamel wedding Jewelry

enamel wedding jewelry


Beautiful Enamel Bracelet

beautiful enamel bracelet


Retro Style Enamel Bracelet

retro style enamel bracelet


Cool Enamel Pendant Design

cool enamel pendant design


Classic Enamel Earrings

classic enamel earrings


Purple Beads Enamel Necklace

purple beads enamel necklace


Gorgeous Enamel Jewelry Design

gorgeous enamel jewelry design


How to care for enamel jewelry?

Enamel jewelry can chip or fade color when not handled properly. To ensure that this type of jewelry lasts long, immediately after taking it off, wipe it with a cotton cloth and use a toothpick to remove any stuck dirt. If you need to clean it further then use look warm water and liquid detergent and gently shake the contents.

The versatile nature of enamel makes it possible to create different types of jewelry. You can opt for a cheeky jewelry to portray your fun personality or animal themed enamel jewelry to represent your love for animals. Either way, you should use enamel jewelry to complement your outfit or to make a fashion statement.

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