Pendant necklaces have a way of adding an extra something to every outfit, completing it with a touch of glam and style. Bird pendant falls in the same category. They are cute, having immense style and are beautiful adding a girly element even to your work outfits. If you are searching for an alternative to an oval pendant, keep on reading for our collection of bird pendant designs that will make you want to fly.

Baby Bird Pendant Design

baby bird pendant design

A glass pendant with a blue jay painted on it. This is a creative handmade necklace that adds a pop of color to your collection of accessories. The cute little bird is painted in great detail bringing an elegant touch.

Bird Claw Pendant

bird claw pendant1

This bird claw with the citrine gemstone in a drop shape creates the perfect gothic styled piece of jewelry. You can choose a different colored gemstone in a darker shade to set a darker mood to your outfit.

Bird Cage Pendant Necklace

bird cage pendant necklace

Bird cages have an exotic look. This necklace has a simple and elegant design that is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The swallow on the side adds a detailed element to this stunning pendant.

Flying Bird Pendant

flying bird pendant

This flying bird pendant made from alloy has a romantic tone of elegance. You can match it with dark clothing to make the necklace stand out. It is a great alternative to a lily pendant.

Bird Skull Pendant Idea

bird skull pendant idea

The long beak of the bird’s scull adds a gothic touch to the necklace. The elegant details along the beak and around the hollow eyes make for an excellent piece of jewelry art and suitable for all ages.

Hummingbird Pendant Design

hummingbird pendant design

This is a small hummingbird pendant necklace. The small size makes it a discreet and elegant piece of accessory that you can use in both formal and casual occasions. It’s a perfect idea for a present to a loved one.

Vintage Bird Pendant

vintage bird pendant

You can also find vintage pieces like this one. The flying bird with the wide open wings, is a magnificent addition for every jewelry collection. It goes well with every neckline making it a perfect choice for birthday present.

Wire Bird Pendant

wire bird pendant

This beautiful nest is a cute addition to your accessories. The little bird is adding a protective and mothering element to the necklace making it ideal to gift it to a mother. The eggs are ears secured with silver wire.

Enamel Bird Pendant

enamel bird pendant

This enamel pendant necklace has a strong Victorian air making it ideal for formal occasions. It depicts two lovebirds kissing on a branch set on an oval shaped pendant. This is also a great idea for a snowflake pendant.

Wooden Bird Pendant

wooden bird pendant

Wood is a creative alternative to metals. You can have a pendant made of wood with a bird design. This handmade item will make you feel unique and beautiful with a retro style piece of jewelry hanging around your neck.

Antique Bird Pendant

antique bird pendant

Black Gold Bird Pendant

black gold bird pendant

Birds Pearl Pendant Necklace

birds pearl pendant necklace

Sterling Silver Bird Pendant

sterling silver bird pendant

Black and Yellow Bird Pendant

black and yellow bird pendant

Classy Chic Bird Pendant

classy chic bird pendant

Sterling Silver Love Birds Pendant

sterling silver love birds pendant

Wire Wrapped Bird Pendant

wire wrapped bird pendant


You can use pendants with every outfit. You can have many different designs in a variety of sizes to change it up according to the occasion and the look you aim for. Moreover you can combine different themes like bird and heart pendant and still have a stunning end result.

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