What are chains without lovely pendants, right? Pendants add to the beauty of a chain, they make it look complete; which makes you look mesmerising. There are different kinds of pendants that we have seen and one among the many is the oval pendant. The oval pendant is nothing but a pendant in the oval shape.

There are different designs and colors added to this oval pendant to make it look different and nice. Let’s take a sneak peak into what are the different kinds of oval pendants are there so next time you go shopping you know exactly what you want.

Turquoise Oval Pendant

Turquoise is a stone that we have always loved. The stone is powerful in itself but the colour is so catchy and visually appealing. This stone pendant design will look gorgeous if you wear it with anything. It will stand out more than anything else.

Large Oval Pendant

This stone pendant is made of quartz. This stone is known for its unique colour. Make sure you team this with a plain dress or top because it is a light color. This pendant is going to be grabbing a lot of attention for its uniqueness.

Oval Gemstone Pendant

This is a very distinct stone that will look gorgeous on a pendant and most importantly on you. The oval pendant has a very transparent stone with a tinge of purple in it. It looks elegant and completely out of the box.

Wire Wrapped Oval Pendant

This is a blue-stoned pendant with wires wound around it. The wires are designed in silver and very beautifully. It makes the pendant look different from the others and make it stand out. The design is elegantly done and will look beautiful on you.

Black Oval Pendant Necklace

This is the most elegant design we have seen. Black has always been a classy colour, team this up with anything and this will make you look chic and elegant. The stone around the black pendant is something that adds to the elegant design.

Vintage Oval Pendant

This is a vintage beaded pendant design where the stone is emerald and the design around looks like it is beaded. This design was very famous among the queens. It has been often showcased in movies from the yesteryears.

Oval Ruby Pendant

A red coloured pendant can also be called a heart pendant but this is much beyond that. This design is gorgeous to look at. The design, shape is simple and plain and but ruby is something that grabs someone’s attention from a distance.

Antique Oval Pendant

This is very different from what we have seen earlier. This has no stone pendant but a copper based pendant with a lot of intricate work done on it. This antique piece is wonderfully designed.

Oval Diamond Pendant Design

This has the oval shape with a small stone in between. One side of the design is plain whereas the other side has a little stonework that makes it look glamorous.

Sea Glass Oval Pendant

This aqua blue pendant looks dazzling in its own way. It is so simple but yet looks lavish. There is no much design to it but the colour in itself will grab attention. You may also see Floral Pendant Designs

Moonstone Oval Pendant Necklace

Ceramic Oval Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Oval Pendant

Beautiful Oval Shape Pendant

Pink and Green Oval Pendant

Yellow Gold Oval Pendant

Purple Gemstone Oval Pendant

White Gold Oval Shape Pendant

Red Oval Pendant Design

Black Stones Oval Pendant

Unique Oval Pendant Idea

You saw different kinds of oval pendant designs some were simple and some were full of designs but everything looked great. Team it with anything and it will look amazing because of the colors and intricate work on it.

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