So many times women fail to realize that they can make a simple outfit stand out. All they need is a statement dollar pendant. While this necklace is a great accessory for a casual outfit, its simplicity makes it perfect for formal events. There are a wide variety of pendant designs where each is uniquely handmade to suit a person’s taste and style. So, in this list, there is a unique necklace that will make your outfit stand out.

Dollar Pendant Necklace

Dollar Pendant Necklace Source

Complement your white t-shirt or vest by wearing a dollar pendant necklace. The double chain will accentuate your long neck while the green and blue faceted glass beads design will make you look chic.

Sand Dollar Pendant

Sand Dollar Source

As a woman, it’s essential to have a vintage piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. So why not add this sand dollar pendant necklace to your collection. The large and puffy sterling silver sand jewelry design will help you get compliments.

Silver Dollar Pendant Chain

Silver Dollar Pendant Chain Source

Are you looking for a simple necklace? The unique detailing on this shiny silver dollar pendant chain and floral pattern makes this necklace perfect for layering with your other necklaces. Teenagers can wear this long necklace during summer.

Dollar Bill Pendant Necklace

Dollar Bill Pendant Necklace Source

We all need money; so get a dollar bill pendant necklace to portray your love for the good life. A photo of Benjamin Franklin, a 3d color design, and gold chain makes this necklace perfect for any formal occasion.

Dollar Cross Pendant Chain

Dollar cross Source

A cross necklace is both modern and classic. What makes this necklace unique is that the cross is multicolored and made with polymer clay making this particular pendant design ideal for vacations or as an accessory to any simple outfit.

Gold Dollar Pendant Chain

Gold Dollar Pendant Chain Source

Gold chains always complement any simple outfit. Therefore, with a gold dollar pendant chain, you will surely get a lot of compliments. You can also add your favorite colored gemstone to give the pendant your personal touch.

Half Dollar Pendant Necklace

Half Dollar Pendant Necklace Source

Do you need a special gift for your mother this year? Then choose a custom handmade half dollar pendant necklace. The heart shape design clearly shows your mom how much you love and admire her.

Long Dollar Pendant Necklace

Long Dollar Pendant Necklace Source

What better way to pair gold earrings than with a long dollar pendant necklace. Handmade from a brass material, this chain will not fade thus ensuring you will always get to wear it to any event.

Dollar Crystal Pendant Necklace

Dollar Crystal Pendant Necklace Source

A pendant with bold colors will always complement any skin tone. Teenagers, little girls, and even adults will love this dollar crystal pendant necklace because apart from having a gold filled lobster clasp, it’s also handmade using beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Diamond Dollar Sign Pendant

Diamond Dollar Sign Pendant Source

A bold statement necklace is both trendy and stylish. To make a fashion statement, go for a diamond dollar sign pendant. This necklace is perfect for individuals who are into hip-hop music or lifestyle.

Beach Sand Dollar Pendant

Beach Sand Dollar Pendant Source

Sand Dollar Nautical Necklace

Sand Dollar Nautical Necklace Source

Asymmetrical Large Sand Necklace

Asymmetrical Large Sand Necklace Source

Beautiful Dollar Pendant Idea

Beautiful Dollar Pendant Idea Source

Retro Vintage Yellow Gold Tone Sand Dollar

Retro Vintage Yellow Gold Tone Sand Dollar Source

Large Star Sand Dollar Pendant Gold Necklace

Large Star Sand Dollar Pendant Gold Necklace Source

Ocean Silver Sand Dollar Pendant

Ocean Silver Sand Dollar Pendant Source

Swarovski Crystal Dollar Pendant

Swarovski Crystal Dollar Pendant Source

Most pendant necklaces are light; thus preventing the neck from getting tired. Pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern outfit but keep shoes and other accessories simple. Match a flower earrings design with a floral pendant to portray that chic and fun style. For summer or when attending a party, wear a dollar sign pendant with a vest or plain t-shirt.

Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Necklace

Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Necklace Source

Simple White Howlite Necklace

Simple White Howlite Necklace Source

Sand Dollar Leather and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Sand Dollar Leather and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pendant necklaces are favorite accessories to celebrities such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. These long necklaces come in a wide variety of choices such as precious metals and gemstones. Long necklaces can be layered up with other chains while short necklaces tend to accentuate your neck. So, get yourself or your loved one of these dollar pendants.

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