Made of mixed materials and studded with gemstones, these rectangular pendant designs are minimalistic and elegant. Women of all ages can wear them as they are not kitschy and go well with all kinds of outfits. Casual clothing is more suitable for this kind of jewelry.

Pendant designs are available in a variety of geometrical and abstract shapes. They are also available in the form of charms. Charms jewelry has become one of the most popular jewelry to buy.
at is fitted inside a long gold chain. You can wear a formal or informal outfit with this jewelry. Stone pendant is one thing that is a popular jewelry item.

Wire Rectangular Pendant

wire rectangular pendant

This is a wire jewelry necklace made of plastic. It has a rectangular pendant with embellishments. This is only suitable for teenage girls.

Gemstone Rectangular Pendant

gemstone rectangular pendant

A handmade sterling silver plated jewelry look elegant on women of all age groups. It has a stone pendant in a rectangular shape. The Jasper stone adds beauty to this necklace design.
This is a long bronze necklace design that looks stunning with punk clothing. Retro dresses look good with this jewelry too. This is strictly for younger women who love to sport the metallic look.

Small Rectangular Pendant Necklace

small rectangular pendant necklace

This is a wire necklace with a dichroic glass pendant. The pendant is rectangular in shape and looks good on teenage girls only. This handmade piece comes in black velvet chord. It gives a 90’s retro look. This is not suitable for a daily wear. On casual occasions, you can wear these pendants and look younger times two.

Turquoise Rectangular Pendant Design

turquoise rectangular pendant design

A beautiful dichroic glass and fused pendant and earring set give a retro look. You can wear this set on high waist denim and skirts. It has a turquoise color strip across the glass pendant. This is a minimalistic design that looks good with most of the casual and retro clothing.

Sterling Silver Rectangle Pendant

sterling silver rectangle pendant

This is a rectangular shape red coral pendant studded in a sterling silver frame of jewelry. This is a handmade item that is suitable for women of any age. All kinds of formal and informal clothing look good with this piece of jewelry.
This is a fancy looking, stunning agate pendant in a rectangular shape. Celtic designs are more intricate for a pendant design. If you are looking for something more simple and beautiful, try this design. This is a handmade silver necklace with a spiral design below the pendant. You may also See Oval Pendant Designs

Natural Rectangular Pendant

natural rectangular pendant

This is a howlite pendant in a rectangular shape. It is set in a silver necklace. It is a handmade jewelry in a white color stone that has the texture of a marble. The chain is 20 inches long. It goes well with any of the cowboy clothing. Howlite is a stone that brings awareness.

Firefly Rectangular Crystal Pendant

firefly rectangular crystal pendant

A rectangular crystal stone in blue color is set on a long silver chain. This is an elegant necklace design that looks good on women of all age groups. Evening dresses in solid colors look great with this necklace design. Snowflake pendants look elegant as well.

Filigree Edged Rectangular Pendant Necklace

filigree edged rectangular pendant necklace

Butterfly Rectangular Pendant

butterfly rectangular pendant

Purple Flower Rectangular Pendant

purple flower rectangular pendant

Ruby Marcasite Rectangular Pendant

ruby marcasite rectangular pendant

You could be looking for a dollar pendant that gives a pop and hip hop look. These are the kinds of pendants that look good with baggy pants and t-shirts. Women can wear these pendant necklaces with one piece evening garments. There are umpteen pendant designs that are made in different stone pendants and are set in handmade jewelry.

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