Light in the times before meant very simple. Candles, kerosene lamps to gas lights, since the use was simple, so was the light. People used animal fat and perfumes to light the light in their homes. Gradually human mind created various versions of what we see today – Lights.

Half Gallon Jar Pendant Light Design

half gallon jar pendant lights ideas


Innovative DIY Droppy Light Ideas

innovative diy droppy chandelier ideas


Decorative Pendent Lattern Lights Model

decorative paper lights model


Current times, you will see, use of LED lights more. Thanks to Philips. These lights are eco-friendly, Use lesser energy, lower voltage, have zero UV emission and come with many such benefits. The application of electroluminescence process uses photons as energy. These lights were expensive before but now a common you may buy it.

Sparkling Ceiling-mount Light Model

sparkling ceiling mount pendent lights model


Rustic Wire Sphere Pendant Light Designs

rustic wire sphere pendant light designs


Stylish Cylinder Lights Decor Ideas

stylish cylinder lights decor ideas


Ballon Glass Pendent Lights Model

glass jar pendent lights model


Handmade pendants are the best of waste. Take a plank of wood; keep all your similar looking glass jars at one place. Fix a bulb through the cap of the jar, now hang these jars from the wood plank. Your hand made pendant design for lighting is ready.

Classy Bedroom Hanging Lamps Designs

classy bedroom hanging lamps designs

Re dzine

Brilliant Ballon Jar Light Ideas

brillant spherical jar lights ideas

Lecy Bros

Awesome Glass Pendent Light Designs

awesome glass pendent light designs


Elegant Crystal Drop-down Lamp Ideas

elegant crystal drop down lamp ideas


Small Unique Hanging Lamp Model

small unique hanging lamp model


Half Cone Pendent Lights Ideas

stylish pendent lights ideas


Round Jar Pendant light Models

round jar pendant light models

Harry Braswell Designs

Rainbow Color Pendent Lights Ideas

rainbow color pendent lights ideas


Classy Hanging Pendant Lights Ideas

classy hanging pendant lights ideas

Southern Studio Interior Designs

DIY Glass Pendant Light Designs

diy glass pendant light designs


Glassy Ceiling Hanging Light Designs

glassy ceiling hanging pendent light designs


Custom Pendent Cone Light Designs

custom pendent cone lights designs


Cool Handmade Pendent Lights Designs

cool handmade pendent lights designs

Boor Bridges Architecture

Handmade Glass Lights Designs

handmade glass lights designs

In case you have just one jar, use it the same way, rather you may avoid the wood plank, hang is as it is. You may collect all your gift papers and make a collage out of it; the same can be folded to create a hanging light for you. Colander is a good option if bulb is fixed aptly.

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