Aquamarine pendants are beautiful to look at and have an absolutely regal finish to it. The aquamarine is considered as the gem of the sea and may weigh differently, varying in sizes. It is said to be the birthstone of March. There are tonnes of gorgeous aquamarine Pendant Designs available in white gold, silver and even have diamonds studded around. Let’s see some of the best designs in Aquamarine pendants to be worn as a fashion accessory!

Antique Aquamarine Pendant Chain

antique aquamarine pendant chain

This antique aquamarine pendant chain has a rustic finish to it. The gem is in round shape with the copper colored plating surrounding the pendant. The stone is only 1/2 an inch in diameter.

Yellow Gold Aquamarine Pendant

yellow gold aquamarine pendant


This yellow gold aquamarine pendant is a pear-shaped gem surrounded with shining diamonds. It is set in a yellow plus white gold and is an 18K design and is absolutely amazing. The chain is a little different from the usual and enhances the pendant even more as it is in yellow gold.

Rose Gold Aquamarine Pendant

rose gold aquamarine pendant

This aquamarine pendant is 14K Rose gold filled and has a mesmerizing finish. The chain is a delicate and lighter feel one with a simple design and also has Rose gold paint which makes the look perfect. Rose gold is very much the trending color of the season and more particularly in jewelry.

Platinum Aquamarine Pendant Necklace

platinum aquamarine pendant necklace


This gorgeous platinum aquamarine pendant necklace is simply elegant and sophisticated. It comes with a thick chain which is slightly in the mesh form and has a platinum-encrusted pendant with the aquamarine gem placed in the center which is very unique.

Blue Aquamarine Pendant

blue aquamarine pendant


This blue quartz necklace is a beautiful big necklace pendant set which is made out of blue beads, silver beads, blue quartz and also aquamarine stones combined together to make a stunning silver pendant set. The set also comes with a pair of earrings and matching beads.

Aquamarine Crystal Pendant

aquamarine crystal pendant


This stunning pendant is large ice-blue aquamarine crystal which is also wrapped around in sterling silver. This aquamarine crystal pendant is unique and one of a kind on its own. It is magical and can be worn as a beach wear or other times as well.

Gemstone Aquamarine Pendant

gemstone aquamarine pendant


This is a raw gemstone without any cuts whatsoever and has been beautifully wrapped in a copper wire which makes it look like a perfect pendant. Paired with a black handmade neckpiece, it makes for an exquisite look!

Diamond Aquamarine Pendant

diamond aquamarine pendant


Antique Carved Aquamarine Pendant

antique carved aquamarine pendant


Triangle Arqamarine Pendant

trangle aruamarine pendant


Mosaic and Aquamarine Pendant

mosaic and aquamarine pendant


Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

aquamarine and diamond pendant


Crystal Drop Aquamarine Pendant

crystal drop aquamarine pendant


Rustic Aquamarine Necklace

rustic aquamarine necklace

Modern Aquamarine Necklace

modern aquamarine necklace


Crystal Beads Aquamarine Necklace

crystal beads aquamarine necklace

The Gorgeous aquamarine gemstone can be paired with any dress to pull off a chic and stylish look. The designs are infinite and can be incorporated in Silver Jewelry Designs as well as Tropical Jewelry Designs. Draw inspiration from the above ideas to create a truly exceptional look with the aquamarine gemstone on your neck.

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