Many years ago beaded jewelry was mostly valuable in making religious ornaments. Fashion, however, has made beads fun. While the most delicate designs are the ones that showcase the simplest of beaded jewelry; their flexibility, ability to adapt any color or shape makes beaded pendants bold. So, whether you’re looking for a long pendant necklace design or a floral pendant, there’s a beautiful pendant design that can make your outfit stand out.

Long Beaded Necklace Idea

Long Beaded Necklace Idea Source

The versatile nature of a long beaded necklace makes their design appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. A combination of glass and vintage pearl creates a necklace that is classy enough to create a fashion statement.

Seed Beadwork Jewelry Design

Seed Beadwork Jewelry Design Source

Whether you’re going for a date, baby shower or a birthday party a handmade seed beaded necklace will make your stand out from the crowd. The addition of crystals in black and silver color helps this pendant to complement any outfit.

Pearl Beaded Necklace Design

Pearl Beaded Necklace Design Source

A pearl beaded necklace tends to portray wealth and wisdom. Contrasting royal blue and gold hues gives this necklace a fun look that is perfect to complete a summer or spring outfit.

Beaded Flower Pendant Idea

Beaded Flower Pendant Idea Source

If you’re looking for a handmade necklace that represents style and elegance, then go for a beaded flower Pendant. The gold plated clasp together with light blue glass beads creates a bold necklace that women of all ages will love to wear.

Beaded Daisy Pendant Necklace

Beaded Daisy Pendant Necklace Source

If you’re looking for a statement jewelry that portrays your crazy attitude, then go for a beaded daisy pendant necklace. The metal beads and pendants are nickel free thus preventing any allergic skin reactions.

Coral Beaded Flower Pendant

Coral Beaded Flower Pendant Source

What better way of embracing summer than by opting for a red coral necklace. This pendant comes with matching earrings that will frame your face and make you the center of attention. The rose design is perfect for kids.

Black Beaded Pendant Idea

Black Beaded Pendant Idea Source

The 80s style is making a comeback and what better way to join the trend than by going for a vintage black beaded pendant. The simple black design made from plastic ensures that this pendant remains light around the neck.

Pink Beaded Flower Pendant

Pink Beaded Flower Pendant Source

Girls love pink color! So why not get this pink beaded flower pendant for your sister, baby girl or even your favorite aunt. The silver plate snake chain and pink rhinestone give this pink choker a Victorian style.

Crystal Beaded Flower Pendant Source

If you love floral designs, then a crystal beaded flower pendant is for you. The blue Swarovski crystal beads combined with gold plated rings creates a unique design that makes this necklace perfect for summer or as a gift.

Simple Beaded Pendant

Simple Beaded Pendant Source

Go for a simple beaded pendant with a glass flower design as a focal element. The unique wire wrapping beads create a beautiful pendant design that is chic. The colorful design will go well with a monochrome outfit.

Turtile Beaded Pendant

Turtile Beaded Pendant Source

Vintage Beaded Pendant

Vintage Beaded PendantSource

Beautiful White Beaded Pendant

Beautiful White Beaded Pendant Source

Trendy Beaded Pendant for Women

Trendy Beaded Pendant for Women Source

Glass Beaded Flower Pendant

Glass Beaded Flower Pendant Source

Green and Coral Beaded Necklace

Green and Coral Beaded Necklace Source

Pink Feather with Beaded Pendant

Pink Feather with Beaded Pendant Source

Meroon Beaded Pendant

Meroon Beaded Pendant Source

Using round nose pliers rotate the wire in such a way that it forms a loop. Grasp the top of the wire loop and create a double wire loop by turning the pliers in a 90 degrees angle. Create a loop on top of each design and connect each bead to another to create a chain link.

Green Choker Beaded Pendant

Green Choker Beaded Pendant Source

Modern Beaded Pendant

Modern Beaded Pendant Source

Ocean Wave Beaded Necklace

Ocean Wave Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklace designs incorporate a wide variety of items such as gemstones, seed beads, crystal, or pearls; making it easier to choose a perfect pendant according to your style and preference. The color that you chose should complement your outfit. So, bring out your creativity side and get yourself one of these beaded necklaces.

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