Amber is a natural gemstone that dates way back to the Stone Age era. Women tend to prefer amber pendant due to its healing traits which aid in releasing stress, negative energy, and phobias. They also go for the moonstone pendant design because of its medicinal properties and milky appearance. Whether you prefer traditional colors such as orange and yellow or modern shades of blue, there is an amber pendant that will make your outfit look vibrant.

Amber Heart Pendant

amber heart pendant

Ladies who need to protect themselves from psychic attacks can opt to wear this amber heart pendant. The fire color shows its strong links with the sun while the heart shape portrays undying love and romance making this necklace ideal for Valentine. You may also see Oval Pendant Designs

Baltic Amber Pendant

baltic amber pendant

Did you know that amber necklaces can lessen teething problems in babies? Why not test this theory by gifting this Baltic amber pendant to your sister or cousin who has an infant. The natural yellow color is elegant and attractive.

If you need a pendant that will complement both casual and office attire, then this natural stone necklace is perfect for your style. This large oval pendant will stand out in an attractive way when wearing a simple outfit.

Antique Amber Pendant

antique amber pendant2

Are you a fun of different amber colors? This antique amber pendant features an egg yolk color connected to a floral design and a copper chain. Suitable for ladies who love a dramatic fashion style, you can wear this necklace to work.

Amber Stone Pendant

amber stone pendant

Why wear an amber pendant with one color when you can get more than two hues in this necklace! This elegant accessory features an 18 inches sterling silver chain and a pendant that incorporates honey yellow, cognac and olive green colors.

Teardrop Amber Pendant

teardrop amber pendant

If you don’t know which chain length to choose in a necklace, then go for this amber teardrop pendant that has an adjustable chain size. The gold floral design gives it a feminine look that is suitable for girls of all ages.

Wire Wrapped Amber Pendant

wire wrapped amber pendant

If you have a daring attitude, and you love unique wire wrapped jewelry, then this amber pendant is for you. The copper wires intertwine in a cute way to give this pendant a design that is straight out of a science fiction movie.

Amber Triangle Pendant

amber triangle pendant

If you prefer jewelry with rare gemstone, then this amber triangle pendant in a blue color will be a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe. It also has a high-quality sterling silver chain, a different cut, and a polished look. You may also see Beaded Pendant Designs

Cute Amber Pendant Design

cute amber pendant design

Celtic Amber Pendant Idea

celtic amber pendant idea

Classy Amber Pendant Idea

classy amber pendant idea

Unique Amber Pendant Design

unique amber pendant design

Pretty Amber Pendant

pretty amber pendant

Beautiful Amber Pendant Idea

beautiful amber pendant idea


Flower Shape Amber Pendant

flower shape amber pendant


Metal Amber Pendant

metal amber pendant


How to choose amber pendants?

When choosing amber pendants go for those from popular areas such as the Dominic Republic and Baltic regions. Those that incorporate fossils or insects tend to be authentic and have higher market value. Whatever amber color you choose, it will enhance your beauty.

What are the symbolic meanings of amber pendants?

To the Native Americans amber is a holy gemstone that symbolizes the sun. Apart from their medicinal characteristics, they are a symbol of success, happiness, good health and to stimulate balance of emotions.

Amber pendants come in different colors and meanings that enhance the style of an outfit. Apart from their medicinal traits, you can choose these pendants according to the shape that you like. Suitable for ladies whose birthdays are in December, you can also use a topaz pendant design to symbolize love, destiny, and forgiveness.

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