Pendants are available in different designs and contain different gemstones to suit each person’s preference. When it comes to the pendant with symbolic meanings, the ruby pendant signifies good fortune, loyalty and romance. Therefore if you love unique stone pendants, you can get a ruby design in a shape that you like. The vibrant color in this gemstone will ensure that your accessory stands out. So, get a ruby pendant for yourself or someone you love.
The cross is an important symbol to any devoted Christian. So if you need to express your moral stand or you know someone who appreciates religion, then this antique ruby cross pendant is the perfect gift.
With top notch features such as a six ray star ruby gemstone with a white sapphire accent, this pendant will draw attention towards your outfit. It also has a silver plated chain and the gemstone is in a vibrant color. You may also see Snowflake Pendant Designs
You don’t need to keep reminding your better half just how much you love them, a heart-shaped jewelry or a snowflake pendant will show how deep you care. This pendant features a dazzling white zircon stone embodied in a gold outlay.

Ruby Cross Pendant

ruby cross pendant

Perfect for Valentine, Christmas or birthday present for your wife or daughter, this ruby cross pendant is stunning. It features a ruby gemstone and a round diamond set in a yellow gold metal. The long chain adds glamor.

Ruby Butterfly Pendant

ruby butterfly pendant

A butterfly is a symbolic insect. Suitable for ladies whose birthday is in July, this cute pendant is in a butterfly shape. It is rhodium plated to ensure it doesn’t scratch or rust.

Diamond Ruby Pendant

diamond ruby pendant

The mix of a diamond and a ruby creates a classic design that adds glamor to an outfit. This ruby diamond pendant is in a pear shape and includes a beautiful 18-inch sterling silver chain that adds to the glamor quotient.

Ruby Bezel Pendant Design

ruby bezel pendant design

When it comes to choosing pendants, go for the one that has a high polish and clarity to match with any outfit. This ruby bezel pendant has a yellow gold material with three types of gemstones: ruby, diamonds, and Chrysoprase.

Ruby Crystal Pendant

ruby crystal pendant

Do you need a pendant that can be part of your family history? This beautiful ruby crystal pendant will remain trendy through every season. With Zirconium as the main stone and 18k metal purity, the alloy material prevents any skin reaction.

Ruby Drop Pendant Idea

ruby drop pendant idea

This ruby teardrop pendant with a solid gold chain will make accessorizing look easy and fun. Gift this accessory to your mother, sister, wife or even daughter. The gold flower beads add a feminine touch.

Vintage Ruby Pendant

vintage ruby pendant

This vintage ruby pendant features a sterling silver color with a sparkling onyx as the central stone. Wear this floral accessory with a long chain or add it to a choker. Either way, you will look beautiful.

Sterling Silver Ruby Pendant Necklace

sterling silver ruby pendant necklace

Pretty Ruby Heart Pendant

pretty ruby heart pendant

Leaf Cut Ruby Pendant

leaf cut ruby pendant

Awesome Ruby Pendant Design

awesome ruby pendant design

Flower Shape Ruby Pendant

flower shape ruby pendant

Birthstone Ruby Pendant Idea

birthstone ruby pendant idea

Gorgeous Ruby Pendant Necklace

gorgeous ruby pendant necklace

Natural Red Ruby Pendant

natural red ruby pendant

What a ruby pendant symbolizes?

Throughout history, a ruby has always been a symbol of passion, unconditional love, power and a dramatic personality. The shape design that you choose can further enhance the meaning and this gemstone also complements other metals such as gold and silver.

How to take care of a ruby pendant?

Just like any other gemstone proper care ensures a ruby pendant remains vibrant red. If you have to clean your pendant, then use a mild chemical free dish soap and warm water. To protect it from scratching, store it in a jewelry box.

A ruby pendant is both modern as well as traditional and will complement either casual or formal outfit. Suitable for all ages, a heart pendant design can best express your unconditional love to that special lady in your life. For a glamorous look, the ruby pendant that incorporates diamonds is a perfect fit.

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