Marcasite jewelry has been popular since the civilization of old Greeks. From there, this kind of design went a long way to the 18th century, where it was very popular at the court of queen Victoria, and after that Art Nouveau adopted the same jewelry techniques for a jewelry design.

Basically, the whole plan was to prevent shiny and opulent jewelry to attract the attention, when rich families mourn for loved ones who passed away. Today, people wear marcasite jewelry because it has the unique and rustic appearance. Have a look to Mosaic Jewelry.

Vintage Marcasite Pendant Necklace

vintage marcasite pendant necklace

Who couldn’t love this luxurious pendant in the shape of rectangle? It is rich in floral motifs, with detailed work done with a lot of love. Perfect piece of jewelry for more formal occasions. In addition, we may recommend this also for a casual wear. As Dita Von Teese said, it’s her favorite kind of design. So, when famous burlesque dancer and the costume designer says it’s a great piece, there is no option, but to listen to her.

On other hand, the black onyx stone is very popular among older generation. Nowadays, we can see younger people adopt this trending style, which requires a marcasite bracelet if you want to try that kind of fashion. When you innovate in the Art Deco style, this piece will become nothing else, but remarkable.

Handmade Marcasite Earrings

handmade marcasite earrings

Take a look at this beautifully carved raceme, held by ever popular marcasite earring piece. The light green color awakens nostalgia and feelings about past love. We can say that this set of earrings is timeless. It is a perfect choice for a night out on a balcony of your famous café. Pair it with a red off-shoulder dress and you will be stunning.

Art Deco Marcasite Drop Earrings

art deco marcasite drop earrings

Combination of marcasite pieces, fashioned to the smallest detail and perfectly cut Swarovski crystal in ruby color, to break monotony, will make you a true dame among other people on the street. Definitively a „go“, for a first date or birthday party. It goes well with a mini skirt, but also with maxi dresses. Wearable with light to darker colors and it is a good combo with geometric jewelry design.

Silver Marcasite Jewelry

silver marcasite jewelry

We love this gorgeous pendant in the form of a flower carefully connected to a chain. Round form of the flower, gave us an input to feel good and improve our mood. There is no other option, but to recommend this maracite/silver combo to a young woman who seeks glamour. If you want to be noticed, wear it over the black dress.

Marcasite Garnet Pendant Design

marcasite garnet pendant design

Do you agree, when we say an extraordinary piece of jewelry? Incredible rounded forms of a sterling silver which oxidized artificially to gain that retro, but modern look.

Victorian Marcasite Jewelry

victorian marcasite jewelry

During the Victorian era, this kind of a fashion was very popular and it is coming back to us this season. Brilliant idea to put an image of a person and to perpetuate it in an amber glass, polished to high gloss. Lift your hair up and it will be a great accessory for formal occasions as it gives you an incredible vintage look.

Pearl and Marcasite Necklace

pearl and marcasite necklace

Now, watch this miracle! When you put the pearl onto the marcasite necklace, you will get the ultimate combo of history and art around your neck. Great details and curves represent royal approach to this design, making it very fashionable lately.

Disney Marcasite Jewelry

disney marcasite jewelry

On a first sight, we can make a conclusion that it is crafted with love, by a soul who knows thing or two about a good taste. Unique by its expression, but well known by form of Disney character from cartoons. It will definitely put a smile to any beholder, just as Peridot Jewelry. Great accessory with white T-shirt, with big rounded collar.

Marcasite Ring for Men

marcasite ring for men

Just by watching this ring your thoughts will be everything but weakness. An incredible and rather massive ring for a male population. It simply spells power and beauty at the same time. Details in the shape of the pyramid just enhance that royal look if this is what you are looking for. It will leave an impression to every lady. Do you agree with us? You may also see Wooden Jewelry Designs

Marcasite Dangle Earrings

marcasite dangle earrings

Rose Shape Marcasite Ring

rose shape marcasite ring

Marcasite Flower Pendant Design

marcasite flower pendant design

Marcasite Heart Pendant Design

marcasite heart pendant design

Sterling Silver Marcasite Earrings

sterling silver marcasite earrings

Unique Marcasite Ring Design

unique marcasite ring design

Marcasite jewelry has been adopted by many cultures for over three millennia. Early examples were found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Marcasite was considered to have healing properties and was often used as a healing aid. Many people in the past, also considered marcasite attracts wealth and give inspirational input to the artist creativity. When it comes to creativity, visit the Tropical Jewelry page.

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