Flower tattoo designs are a favorite choice for both men and women, and the lotus tattoo is particularly popular for adding beauty. This tattoo can fit the back and even include other designs or small enough to be inked on a finger. Even though it grows in mud, the lotus flower is known for its religious, spiritual and decorative effects. It represents deep symbolic meanings like purity, harmony and is affiliated with natural elements.

Small Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

If you are not sure you can stand the pain of a large tattoo, then opt for a small lotus flower tattoo. It represents purity, balance, illumination, clarity and spiritually. The best way to ink this tattoo is a bud or half closed design.

Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Tribal lotus flower designs tend to feature black ink only and often cover the sleeve of men. They can be done in Maori, Samoan, and Polynesian style. They work to show warrior’s traits and give a distinct physical appearance that will separate you from a group of people.

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoos

Watercolor lotus flower tattoos incorporate different colors which will make that particular body part eye-catching. To draw this tattoo requires a skilled artist who will use spatters, bleeds, fades, and blurs to form a stunning design.

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist

watercolor lotus flower tattoo on wrist


Black and White Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Black and white lotus flower tattoo design will complement any skin tone. The simplicity of these neutral colors will help showcase the purity of the lotus flower. A cluster of lotus petals will look amazing as sleeve tattoos or on the thighs. You may also See Rose Tattoo Designs

Black And White Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist

black and white lotus flower tattoo on wrist


Lotus Flower Back Tattoos

The back is a vast size so you can easily show the intricate details of the lotus flower tattoo. To give an interesting look to this tattoo, opt to show a lotus flower in its natural habitat by including a pool of water and adding color to the tattoo.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Upper Back

lotus flower tattoo upper back


Lotus Flower Back Tattoo for Women

lotus flower back tattoo for women


Lotus Flower Shoulder Tattoos

A lotus flower tattoo on a man can work to decorate the shoulders and enhance its masculinity. The shoulder is a visible place especially for people who love to wear sleeveless tops. In a strict work environment, cover shoulder tattoos with a long sleeve shirt.

Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Do you want a tattoo with a spiritual meaning? Then opt for blue lotus flower tattoo designs. The blue lotus depicts one’s spiritual ability to control physical desires. This tattoo is often drawn half open to show spiritual growth is an ever growing process.

Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo on Sleeve

blue lotus flower tattoo on sleeve


Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoos

Incorporating a lotus with a koi fish in your tattoo will show how beauty can even come from an unpleasant place as is the case with the growth of a lotus flower. Use this tattoo to show success, determination or struggle.

Lotus Flower Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

You can ink a lotus flower tattoo as full sleeve by combining with other elements such as an image of Buddha. Or go for a small size and draw it as a half or quarter sleeve tattoo. Whatever sleeve size you choose, you will look fabulous.

Lotus Flower Chest Tattoos

Lotus flower chest tattoos are perfect for all genders. The chest has adequate space to draw a large lotus flower tattoo, especially for men. If in you are adding other designs then opt to include the sleeves and neck.

Lotus Flower Arm Tattoos

Lotus arm flower tattoos are perfect for ladies. While flowers done in black ink look cute, showing the true colors of a lotus will make your tattoo authentic. Colors that you can include are blue, red, purple, green and white.

Lotus Flower Inner Arm Tattoo

lotus flower inner arm tattoo


Traditional Lotus Flower Tattoos

Traditional lotus flower tattoo designs are based on how ancient cultures and religions revered this flower. These tattoos are done in a simple design to showcase the beauty of a lotus. In Buddhism culture, the Buddha is seen sitting on a white lotus to symbolize purity or spiritual perfection.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs on Foot

Getting a lotus tattoo on foot shows courage, perseverance and love for this flower as this body part is very painful. However, they also make the foot look more beautiful and can be hidden by wearing closed shoes when you don’t want to show it off. You may also See Small Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Foot for women

lotus flower tattoo on foot for women


3D Lotus Flower Tattoos

Your lotus flower tattoo will look more realistic when you ink it in a 3D style. This is a relatively new trend of drawing a tattoo hence requires a skilled artist to create a stunning design.

3D Lotus Flower Tattoo on Thigh

3d lotus flower tattoo on thigh


Lotus Flower Lace Tattoo Designs

Lace Lotus flower tattoos are for ladies who want a more feminine design. The delicate nature of lace will help illustrate the fragility of a lotus flower. Go for this tattoo to symbolize sensuality and femininity.

Lotus Flower Lace Tattoo for Women

lotus flower lace tattoo for women


Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoos

Lotus flower thigh tattoos have a seductive look, and they are alluring because you can only expose it when you want to. These tattoos are ideal for ladies and work to make the thighs more appealing.

Lotus Flower Side Thigh Tattoo

lotus flower side thigh tattoo


Lotus Flower Leg Tattoos

Just like thighs tattoo, lotus flower leg tattoos can be hidden by wearing a long skirts or pants. They add a visual appeal to the leg. These tattoos are perfect for girls.

Matching Lotus Flower Leg Tattoo

matching lotus flower leg tattoo


Lotus Flower Tattoos on Neck

While lotus flower tattoos can be visible on the neck, you can still camouflage your ink art by wearing a scarf or polo neck top. Women can opt for this tattoo to depict marital harmony.

Closed Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

Closed lotus tattoo in Hindu tradition and Buddhism represents not having full self-awareness. Whether in a bud form, or just closing a few petals, these tattoos show spiritual growth.

Closed Lotus Flower Tattoo on Leg

closed lotus flower tattoo on leg


Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoos

Lotus flowers are held in high esteem in Japanese as they symbolize enlightenment. These tattoos look attractive on shoulders, back, chest or arm.

Lotus flower tattoos have a stunning artistic appeal that makes them popular with guys and ladies. This tattoo has different symbolic meanings which can be categorized based on religion, color, culture and personal ideas. It is also linked to spiritual importance like enlightenment. Whether for its spiritual purity or beauty, a lotus flower tattoo is beautiful.

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