Millions of people around the world have been choosing the lotus flower for their tattoo designs. The lotus has an exquisite design with symbolic meaning that depicts the purity and the reincarnation of the soul as well as the inspiration of one’s creativity. Here in Design Trends we have gathered a collection of great tattoo designs for women that will help you choose the ones that are ideal for your unique character and your idiosyncrasies. You may also See Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo Designs

In this design the lotus flower has a beautiful design with delicate and clean lining as well as a great shading work. It can be inked in any body part while it will also look amazing in a colorful version.

Lotus flower tattoo Designs Source

Lotus Mandala tattoos

The shape of the lotus flower can give you incredible ideas for designs like this mandala tattoo. The detailed work of the flower petals with the swirls and the careful shading, create a beautiful design that complements your style.

Lotus Mandala tattoos Source

Lotus tattoos on Wrist

If you are looking for a simple yet delicate design then this one will give you exactly that. The simple structure of the flower has clean lines that bring a balanced look on the wrist for extra stylish looks.

Lotus tattoos on Wrist Source

Black Lotus tattoos

This design has a bold lining work. This can indicate the boldness of your character giving you a stylish piece. This design looks good on any skin tone and will make you feel empowered and confident for your choice.

Black Lotus tattoos Source

Lotus Sleeve tattoo Designs

You can also go for a combination of lotus flowers creating a fantastic synthesis. These designs require more space and that makes them ideal for sleeves. Because of their extended design they might take a couple sessions to complete.

Lotus Sleeve tattoo Designs Source

Lotus tattoos on Ankle

If you want a discreet design for your ankle then this one will give you the perfect choice. You can choose to leave it in this simple form, or you can choose to color it in minimalistic colors like white.

Lotus tattoos on Ankle Source

Lotus Shoulder tattoos

This lotus tattoo has a beautiful synthesis that depicts two different milestones on its life. A blooming flower that reaches its full blossom indicates the transition from one phase to another. It looks amazing with bright colors and joyous details. You may also See Mandala Tattoo

Lotus Shoulder tattoos Source

Celtic Lotus tattoo Design Ideas

Combining popular designs can give you stunning tattoos. In this case the combination of the lotus flower with the Celtic design brings an ethnic look that creates a bold style while at the same time adds a minimalistic touch.

Celtic Lotus tattoo Design Ideas Source

Small Lotus tattoos

You can add a feminine touch by adding swirls and other decorative elements. In this case the design consists of a stylish small lotus flower that is encased by a minimalistic circle and decorated with swirls above and below it.

Small Lotus tattoos Source

Watercolor Lotus tattoos

If you are a big fan of music then this will be the tattoo you need. You can create amazing designs using fantasy and inspiration while the colorful design will add color to your every day with extra dose of style.You may also See Flower Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Lotus tattoos Source

You can find many different ideas for new flower tattoo designs. From black and white to minimalistic lines and from watercolor to sleeve tattoos, the list is truly endless. It is up to you to find the one that is fully compatible with your character and to make it yours.

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