Tattoos have come a long way from acting as a source of identification and being associated with negative traits. Nowadays people use their body as a canvas to tell a story, give cryptic messages and showcase their personality or identity. Although painful, spine tattoos look good on men and women. These type of back tattoos are for people who wants to show off their backs when at the beach or wearing a backless outfit. Check out the following spine tattoos. You may also See Lotus Flower Tattoo

Tribal Spine Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos are popular with all genders because of their deep symbolic meaning and usage of black ink. When choosing tribal spine tattoos go for large designs that will improve the visual appeal of your back.


Flower Spine Tattoo Design

Flower tattoos are often associated with feminity and delicateness, features that most women can relate to. For the spinal cord, you can ink any flower that best portrays your personality. You also have the option to go for a black only design or colored flower.


Ladies Spine Tattoo Design

Spine tattoo designs for ladies should showcase their feminity without taking away the meaning. While flowers tattoos are great, you can go in a different direction and opt for a quote, an arrow, a name or Chinese letters.


Mandala Spine Tattoo

Whether from Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity perspective, mandala tattoos are popular because of their spiritual meanings like balance, wholeness, harmony and eternity. Some people even choose them for their beauty. Inking an elephant with a mandala tattoo will clearly show your religious stand.


Vine Spine Tattoo

The vertical nature of vines makes them perfect as spine tattoos. While a cherry blossom will look stunning on anyone’s back, you can still opt for other floral vines such as bougainvillea, morning glory or any other colored flower vine.


Watercolor Spine Tattoo Design

Creativity in body art has resulted in watercolor tattoos. Popular for their lack of defined outline and vibrant hues, getting this tattoo design on the spine is bound to draw attention to your back. A tree tattoo in watercolor design looks beautiful on a lady’s backbone. You may also See Irish Tattoo


Spine Stars Tattoo

If you get your body art inspiration comes from celebrities, then check out the star tattoos inked by Rihanna and Ruby Rose. To make your spine star tattoo unique add another design like a heart and place it on the upper part of the spine.


Spine Quote Tattoo Idea

Words have the ability to change or inspire people, and that is one of the primary reason why both men and women get quote tattoos. For spine tattoos, you can opt for inspirational words or quotes about life, religion or fashion.


Butterfly Spine Tattoo Design

A butterfly starts out as a moth-like a creature and grows to become a beautiful insect. You can use a spine tattoo to tell the life cycle of a butterfly or to depict transformation.


Spine Tattoo For Men

Viking tattoos show medieval history and carry symbolic meanings like courage, victory, and rebirth. Most are usually done in black color but still showcase intricate designs that depict Viking heritage. For spine tattoo for men, you can draw a sword or Thor’s hammer.


Spine Tattoo Uniqueness

Spine tattoos are so versatile that they can be inked on various parts of the back. Some choose to ink from the nape of the neck until the waist, others the upper back, beside the spinal cord or on the lower back. These tattoos are also very painful hence the larger the design, the more intense the pain. However, when done by a professional, they become a sight to behold, making the pain a small sacrifice to pay. You may also See Viking Tattoo

Placement of spine tattoos gives you the advantage of showing it only when you want to, like at the beach and covering it up quickly when attending school or other formal events. You are also not limited by space, and you can even draw tribal tattoos of any size.

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