This is one show that doesn’t even require an introduction. People love and adore The Simpsons. With an expeditious rise in the love for tattoos, everybody goes for something a bit off the grid, and out of the box. And so concepts like Koi Fish, Aztec and Gargoyle tattoos became largely popular.

And so did The Simpsons. We suggest you take a look at the following Simpsons tattoo ideas for your next body art

Simpsons Tattoo on Sleeve

Simpsons Tattoo on Sleeve Source

The sleeves are considered one of the best spots on the body to display and flaunt a body art. And so, a tattoo that looks like its straight out of a comic book, deserves such a spot.

Black Simpsons Tattoo

Black Simpsons Tattoo Source

This has just another kind of charm in it. A black and white Simpsons tattoo is symbolic of all the nostalgia that we relate to this legendary show. If not a whole drawing, you can also opt for just the outlines.

Traditional Simpsons Tattoo

Traditional Simpsons Tattoo Source

If you are the one who believes in the “old is gold” ideology, then this might just be the best option for you to consider. A legendary frame straight out of this legendary show and you’re set. Fandom on full flaunt.

Simpsons Skull Tattoo

Simpsons Skull Tattoo Source

Everything becomes cooler if you add just a slight Simpsons twist to it. Even the old school skull tattoo becomes more intriguing. Be it a small one on the wrist or a large, elaborate and more grunge one on the back, everything plays equally cool.

Colorful Simpsons Tattoo

Colorful Simpsons Tattoo Source

The possibilities are endless. If you are a highly dedicated fan of The Simpsons, go ahead and portray that in your body art. How? Through a tattoo that is so bright, cheerful and colorful that it attracts attention automatically. You may also See Tinkerbell Tattoo Designs

Simpsons Hellfish Tattoo

Simpsons Hellfish Tattoo Source

Just pure tattoo goals for all the Simpsons lovers out there. What is common among all different styles of Simpsons tattoos and what differentiates this design concept is the vibe that it emanates- not just about the show, also largely the nostalgia related to it.

Simpsons Moth Tattoo

Simpsons Moth Tattoo Source

This one is just infinitely adorable. Why go for just a heart tattoo when you can express so much more by adding just an extra detail to it? Adding abstract designs or a frame will make it even more visually appealing.

Simpsons Arm Tattoo

Simpsons Arm Tattoo Source

The advantage of having tattoos on the arm is that they hurt comparatively less and the size can be adjusted according to how you like it. This tattoo of a ‘sneaky’ Simpson is so fun and cool!

Simpsons Doughnut Tattoo Design

Simpsons Donut Tattoo Design Source

There are some frames and memories from the show that will remain eternally favourite. And all Simpsons lovers will agree that this is one of them. This tattoo, which is a live shot of a Simpson, might need some expert highlights and shadows.

Bart Simpson Tattoo

Bart Simpson Tattoo Source

This might just be the coolest and quirkiest of the lot. Bart has been an all time favourite and if you agree, this tattoo design is for you.

Simpsons Cartoon Tattoo

Simpsons Cartoon Tattoo Source

Simpsons Beach Tattoo

Simpsons Beach Tattoo Source

Simpsons Ankle Tattoo

Simpsons Ankle Tattoo Source

Simpsons Expression Tattoo

Simpsons Expression Tattoo Source

Simpsons Leg Tattoo Idea

Simpsons Leg Tattoo Idea Source

Happy Simpsons Tattoo

Happy Simpsons Tattoo Source

Wings Simpsons Tattoo Idea

Wings Simpsons Tattoo Idea Source

Scary Skull Simpsons Tattoo

Scary Skull Simpsons Tattoo Source

Simpsons Bird Tattoo

Simpsons Bird Tattoo Source

Simpsons Small Tattoo Design

Simpsons Small Tattoo Design Source

Heart Shape Simpsons Tattoo

Love Symbol Simpsons Tattoo Source

There are some shows that make an eternal mark in our childhoods and their nostalgia is just carried ahead. This is surely one of the best examples of that. Be it an obscure reference to the show that only hardcore fans can comprehend or simple outlining of one’s favourite character, there are endless possibilities when it comes to a Simpsons tattoo.

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