With technology advancing at a flash speed and tablets and phones becoming slimmer and smaller, it is not a shock to learn about the growing popularity and practicality of tech-infused jewellery designs. Tech-based jewellery is expanding its reach not just with the elegant features of design but also with its functionality and usability. Tech inspired jewellery is definitely a new milestone in the advancement of design while keeping in sync with the progression of technology.

We are today listing the 10 best tech-infused jewellery designs that are much more than just the conventional accessories pieces to pair with the outfit of the day.

1.  Bisou Wear

Bisou Wear is a digital necklace that can feature the preferred photo on the pendant as per the choice of the user. One can simply choose the pattern, print or design on the accompanied app and wear the specific and creative design for the day. This creative concept can be a huge step in changing the trend of customizable jewellery by amalgamating technology with fashion.

2. Airing- The Ring That Promotes Touch Free Operation

‘Airing’ appears to be just like any modern ring, the only difference being this modern rings facilitates touch-free phone operation. Made with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, users can use the voice commands to activate several functions in their smartphones. This wearable technology allows user-friendly and easy usage without any cords or cables.

3. Fireworks LED Bracelet

This celestial fireworks LED bracelet carries the design of illuminating fireworks that get activated when the lights are turned off. The bracelet uses LED lights to provide the user with soft and impressive fireworks that are placed against a celestial backdrop. The simplistically designed bangle captures the appropriate hues and shapes close to the original nature of stars in outer space.

4. Emotion Sensing Bracelets

Design Studio has designed the technological jewellery with the added feature of sensing the emotions of the users and then suggesting adjustments for their life accordingly. Named- Zenta, the bracelet can measure the heart rate, heart rate variability, electrodermal activity, blood oxygen levels, respiration and skin temperature. This helps the bracelet to detect the emotional and mental state of the user. The connected app then intimates the users for the required lifestyle change that would help to destress and improve the overall life. The bracelet is also able to produce biometric art based on the current emotions of the user. With the standard design, the bracelet is unisex and can be worn by both the genders.

5. 3D Soundwave Jewelry

This 3D printed Encode Ring designed by 3DWave makes it possible for users to record their voice, making it the feature point of the ring design. The rings are available in silver , 18K gold and platinum varieties.

6. Smartphone Memory Jewellery

Lokett Smartphone Memory jewellery is one of the best pieces to share a bit of digital love with the loved ones around you. The Lokett Smartphone Memory jewellery is equipped with NFC technology allowing the wireless transfer of images, video or other data to and from smartphones. This smartphone memory jewellery needs no power to operate, it can be copied and transferred as many numbers of times as you prefer.

7. Talon- The Ring That Controls the Gaming Functions

This motion-controlled ring produced by Titanium Falcon allows users to control video games by simply moving the fingers. Solely aimed at the gaming audience, the ring titled Talon acts as a form of wearable WiFi for your ring finger. Accompanied with motion sensors, the ring allows the user to connect with the game through Bluetooth technology by simply waving the arms or wiggling the fingers.  The ring also displays how the gaming industry has begun to accept and introduce wearable technology in its new systems.

8. Safety Alarm Bracelets

Wisewear’s latest collection of smart bracelets combines style with safety. This technology infused bracelet can act as a personal security device in the situations of danger or distress by immediately notifying the emergency contacts of the wearer’s location. Looking like a sophisticated piece of jewellery this security bracelet called the Socialite is available in gold and silver variations and is also water resistant.

9. Bracelet/ Fitness Tracker

The Helena necklace and bracelet monitor was created with the joint effort of  ‘Misfit’ and jewellery design company ‘BaubleBar’. The bracelet is stylishly designed to keep a track of your daily activity. Looking like a piece of fine jewellery, the bracelet acts as a fitness monitor. These vintage inspired tracking wearables keep a note of steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality and duration, as well as total distance, travelled. The design of the Helena necklace and bracelet monitor allows the wearer to sport it with a casual as well as a more dressy attire.

10.  Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry


These circuit board jewellery pieces designed by  Amanda Preske for her Etsy shop ‘Circuit Board Labs’ are pieces made out fo recycled circuit board from computers, cell phones, calculators, monitors and office telephones. She designs  necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in different colours, with each reflecting a different circuit board used to create them. It is for sure one of the most creative ways to reuse the abundant amounts of technological waste.

Technology infused jewellery designs is sure a functional way to make the fashionable designs smart and purposeful.

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