The legend of Zelda has given a great deal of inspiration for tattoos and body art. The combination of colors, shapes, and unique characters offers a variety of designs and layouts that can be drawn on every body part.

Zelda tattoo can be combined with other themes like heart tattoo or sleeve tattoos. Today we have prepared a collection of awesome Zelda tattoo designs that might help you choose your next tattoo.

Legend of Zelda Arm Tattoo

legend of zelda arm tattoo


The design consists of gorgeous color combinations. The fading colors of the outline create a contrast to the natural skin tone. The lining is simple but the coloring might take some time to complete.

Triforce Zelda Tattoo

triforce zelda tattoo


An abstract inspiration of a Zelda tri force tattoo. The background colors create a smoky effect that looks perfect behind the black tattoo. This is a great idea for a star tattoo that has a black body and a smoky background.

Princess Zelda Tattoo

princess zelda tattoo


A great example of tattoo art depicting the Princes in great detail. The shading creates natural contours that give a 3d effect on the design along with the bright colors. The drawing might take some time to finish.

Zelda Shield Tattoo

zelda shield tattoo


The shield design of this tattoo is a detailed work inspired from the Zelda characters. The lining is simple and the tattoo can be completed in a couple sessions though it requires some skill in order to give a 3D touch.

Zelda Shoulder Tattoo Idea

zelda shoulder tattoo idea


One more tri-force design from Zelda’s world. The smoky element of the background colors gets a twist with dotted splashes bring a fresh point of view to the design. This requires some skill to achieve with an average time of completion.

Zelda Tattoo on Wrist

zelda tattoo on wrist


The smudged and messy outline of this tattoo gives a modern and abstract style to the tri-force inspiration. Lines that curve outwards as well as the triangles are simple to draw and color with little time for completion.

Zelda Tattoo for Palm

zelda tattoo for palm


Zelda Owl Tattoo On Chest

zelda owl tattoo on chest


Zelda Tattoo for Forearm

zelda tattoo for forearm


Black Work Zelda Tattoo

black work zelda tattoo


Colorful Zelda Tattoo Design

colorful zelda tattoo design


Creepy Zelda Tattoo

creepy zelda tattoo


Zelda Tattoo for Bellow Neck

zelda tattoo for bellow neck


A tattoo needs to mean something to you. The legend of Zelda has inspired many to get tattoos that incorporate characters or elements of this fantastic world. It could also be a form of inspiration for mandala tattoo with intricate designs and multiple colors that will merge into tattoo artwork.

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