Deciding a tattoo design is difficult, as a tattoo marks a permanent imprint on your body.  It should be something that you would love to see for the rest of your life. So, we decided to put together some of the most beautiful tattoo designs to give you inspiration on your next inking project.

These designs give a wide variety of options and themes for you to find the perfect design for your next tattoo.

Tiny Light Bulb Tattoo

tiny light bulb tattoo


This light bulb tattoo design is a simple black and white tattoo with a square surround. This tattoo is perfect and is a different and quirky tattoo design for all ages and genders.

Broken Light Bulb Tattoo Design

broken light bulb tattoo design


This light bulb tattoo design is also gothic in its theme. The light bulb is broken and fallen, but still, has a striking and beautiful design to it. It can be used on any area of the body to create a gothic and stunning design.

Traditional Light Bulb Tattoo

traditional light bulb tattoo


This light bulb design uses many different embellishments such as flowers and geometric shapes in order to create a beautiful and traditional light bulb design with a twist. This tattoo design can be used anywhere on the body as a stunning tattoo.

Light Bulb Tattoo on Leg

light bulb tattoo on leg


This light bulb design incorporates a rose with thorns in order to create this beautiful tattoo. It is detailed in its design and has a 3D finish.

Light Bulb Ankle Tattoo

light bulb ankle tattoo


Candle Light Bulb Tattoo

candle light bulb tattoo


Cloud Light Bulb Tattoo Idea

cloud light bulb tattoo idea


Head Light Bulb Tattoo

head light bulb tattoo


Skull with Light Bulb Tattoo

skull with light bulb tattoo


Black Work Light Bulb Tattoo

blackwork light bulb tattoo


Light Bulb Eye Tattoo

lihgt bulb eye tattoo


Light Bulb Tattoo for Behind Ear

light bulb tattoo for behind ear


When you are deciding on your next tattoo, you should find the perfect design that you fall in love with, and will continue to love for a long time. We hope that this list has given you the help and inspiration in order to find the perfect light bulb designed tattoo.

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