Rooster Tattoo Design might sound eccentric to you but when you take a look at the tattoo design you will see how good they look. You might even like it and end up with a Rooter tattoo.

Rooster comes under the bird category, like the dove tattoo design and many other this too looks nice when done with lots of detailing. Let’s take a sneak peek into a different kind of Rooster Tattoo Designs.

Fighting Rooster Tattoo Design

fighting rooster tattoo design


Roosters Fighting is a sport in some places and is famously known as Cock Fight. If you notice the tattoo you will see that the legs of the rooster are in chains and the face looks aggressive and full of rage. The best part about this tattoo is how well each expression has been captured in a tattoo.

Rooster Tattoo on Back

rooster tattoo on back


A waving rooster is not something we get to see in reality but with a tattoo, any design can be made the way you like it. This particular design on the back is something very different and we loved the concept, we think it is out of the box.

Tribal Rooster Tattoo Idea

tribal rooster tattoo idea


The usual tribal designs have a lot of black in it with some bright colors like yellow and red added in between to make it look vibrant. This tattoo design looks visually appealing as black blends in so perfectly with any other color.

Japanese Rooster Tattoo

japanese rooster tattoo


This is another fighting rooster tattoo where you can see the rooster is all ready to fight and attack someone. Wonderfully captured and executed. The colors used are amazing.

Rooster Tattoo on Sleeve

rooster tattoo on sleeve


This is simple sleeve tattoo design. The basic colors used are black and red with lots of shading more than coloring. The feathers of the rooster are drawn perfectly in layers. This tattoo is neatly well formed and designed.

Rooster Chest Tattoo

rooster chest tattoo


This is an amazing tattoo more because of the size and how it covers the entire chest. The design is definitely amazing. This rooster is all set to fly with rage. Coloring, shading, and design is on point in terms of this particular tattoo.

Rooster Feather Tattoo

rooster feather tattoo


This looks like an old rooster with anger and pride. The tattoo is beautifully colored with great detailing given to each and every part of it. The best part is how the tattoo has covered the entire rooster down to up.

Rooster Wrist Tattoo Design

rooster wrist tattoo design


This looks like a conventional rooster design done with perfect layout and perfect coloring. This rooster looks extremely graceful visually and overall it is an elegant little tattoo.

Cartoon Rooster Tattoo

cartoon rooster tattoo


Rooster Tattoo on Foot

rooster tattoo on foot


Geometric Rooster Tattoo

geometric rooster tattoo


Umbrella Rooster Tattoo

umbrella rooster tattoo


Rooster Tattoo on Shoulder

rooster tattoo on shoulder


Skull Rooster Tattoo Design

skull rooster tattoo design


Flower Rooster Tattoo

flower rooster tattoo


Rooster Tattoo for Neck

rooster tattoo for neck


These were ten different forms of rooster tattoos, even though they are just roosters they have been very well conceptualized.

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