Bracelets are not only for women. There are many designs that state beauty in a masculine and rugged manner. Bracelet designs for men comprise of many different designs that come in various materials like silver, gold and leather and create amazing and manly jewelry. These pieces are suitable for men who wants to have options into expressing their style. Today we are sharing with you a collection of bracelet designs for men to help you.

Gold Bracelet Designs For Men

Gold might not be one of the current trends in bracelet designs for men however, it is a classic choice for men that know how to appreciate a beautiful design. It is the perfect option for men who have no time to follow the trends matching casual and formal outfits.

Gold Chain Bracelet For Men

gold chain bracelet for men1


Silver Bracelet Designs For Men

Silver has a timeless beauty that is suitable for every man. There are amazing designs that carry unique patterns in chain, cuff and wrap bracelets. These are perfect for men that want to look classy but not in a flashy way. Invest in a silver bracelet for endless matching options.

Handmade Silver Bracelet For Men

handmade silver bracelet for men


Silver and Stone Bracelet For Men

silver and stone bracelet for men1


Leather Bracelet Designs For Men

As one of the current trends, leather can be incorporated in most of the outfits. From casual to semi – formal you can wear these bracelets in neutral tones like brown and beige, in black, gray and white, without constricting your options in other colors like dark red and vibrant blue.

Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet For Men

stainless steel leather bracelet for men

Celtic Leather Bracelet For Men

celtic leather bracelet for men


Men’s Diamond Bracelet Designs

Diamonds are perfect for every man that wants to showcase their style with a glamorous bracelet. There are many solid designer pieces that come in gold and silver as well as platinum. You can choose a bracelet design with multiple diamonds or one with a small set of round gemstones.

Men’s Diamond Wrap Bracelet

mens diamond wrap bracelet

Men’s Awesome Diamond Bracelet

mens awesome diamond bracelet


Men’s Beaded Bracelet Designs

Suitable for every age, the beaded bracelets are here to stay for good. In multiple color combinations, you can find remarkable designs to add in your accessory collection. From wood to glass and from metallic to quartz beads, there is a great selection that is able to cover everyone’s tastes.

Men’s Brown Beaded Bracelet

mens brown beaded bracelet1


Stainless Steel Bracelet Designs

Stainless steel has a grunge look that is suitable for men that want to stand out for their style and character. Combined with other materials or just on its own, stainless steel can be found in countless bracelet designs and can be easily matched with casual clothes and everyday outfits.

Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet

stainless steel chain bracelet


Stainless Steel Beaded Bracelet for Men

stainless steel beaded bracelet for men


Men’s Platinum Bracelet Designs

The lustrous metal of platinum can attract everyone’s eye like a magnet. Bracelets in platinum have a glamorous look that can give an instant fashionable upgrade even to the simplest outfits. This metal is also known for its subtle tone of elegance that is suitable for every age and character.

Men’s Platinum Cross Chain Bracelet

mens platinum cross chain bracelet

Men’s Platinum Handmade Bracelet

mens platinum handmade bracelet


Turquoise Bracelet Designs For Men

Turquoise is an amazing and vibrant color that is a ideal during the spring and summer seasons. All bracelet designs for men incorporate this beautiful stone into manly designs that can bring out a strong and carefree look that will look cool with your casual outfits, completing your collection of accessories.

Geometric Turquoise Bracelet For Men

geometric turquoise bracelet for men

Turquoise Beaded Bracelet For Men

turquoise beaded bracelet for men

Turquoise Handmade Bracelet For Men

turquoise handmade bracelet for men


Garnet Bracelets For Men

Garnet stones come in red color and all its shades. You can find in many bracelet designs like beaded bracelets and cuffs that give you a stylish look with a pop of color. The deep red shades are going to make you look amazing on every special or casual occasion.

Glass Beaded Garnet Bracelets For Men

glass beaded garnet bracelets for men


Skull Bracelet Designs For Men

Skull designs are perfect for men that know exactly what they want from their accessory. You can find most bracelet designs with silver, steel or platinum skulls while there are many that come in wooden materials. Bound with chains or woven with leaver strings to match your own personal style.

Colorful Skull Bracelet For Men

colorful skull bracelet for men


Skull Leather Bracelet For Men

skull leather bracelet for men

Men’s Cuff Bracelet Designs

You can find amazing cuff bracelets with amazing patterns and designs. Available in platinum, silver and gold you can get an amazing piece with unique motifs and decorations that will make great conversation starters. Decide on a cuff bracelet that appeals to your personal style to accessorize all your outfits.

Men’s Cuff Wire Wrap Bracelet

mens cuff wire wrap bracelet


Men’s Copper Bracelet Designs

Copper is not only suitable for electronics and wires. You can also find it as a main bracelet material. Unique patterns with edgy look for rugged but still fashionable accessory pieces. You can find stunning bracelets with braided patterns in chain or cuff designs to use for everyday outfits.

Men’s Copper Heal Bracelet

mens copper heal bracelet

Men’s Copper Gemstone Bracelet

mens copper gemstone bracelet


Cross Bracelet Designs For Men

Depending on one’s personal style, a cross bracelet design can go from simple and subtle to bulky and glamorous. Amazing bracelet designs, that can give you multiple options to match with many outfits. Available in many materials like silver, wood, leather, platinum as well as beads that create amazing looks.

Cross Bracelet Beaded For Men

cross bracelet beaded for men


Men’s Metal Bracelet Designs

Metal bracelets have an industrial look that makes them ideal for everyone. In bangles, cuffs or beaded designs, there are many different designs of metal bracelets that you can choose from. The styles can give you incredible options for your everyday and in some cases for formal occasions as accessory.

Mens Metal Dragon Bracelet

mens metal dragon bracelet


Men’s Chain Bracelets

Chains can look delicate or sturdy depending on the chains width. In a variety of styles and patterns you can find the perfect match for your personal style adding a glamorous piece of jewelry for your accessory collection. Available in silver, gold or platinum for stylish everyday and formal outfits.

Mens Chain Silver Bracelet

mens chain silver bracelet


Anchor Bracelet Designs For Men

Anchors have a strong nautical vibe that is most suitable for summer time. You can find stunning anchor bracelets designs for men that want to make a difference with a fashion statement. In the same theme, you can find hook designs that you can wear for everyday and casual outfits.

Anchor Red Bracelet For Men

anchor red bracelet for men


Anchor Charm Bracelet For Men

anchor charm bracelet for men

Men’s Wrap Bracelet Designs

Wrap bracelets give the illusion that one is wearing more than one bracelets, while in truth it’s just one that wraps around the wrist. Available in various materials like leather, twine or cord you can find the best option to accessorize every outfit.

Infinity Bracelet Designs For Men

Infinity bracelets incorporate different materials creating unique and eye catching combinations. The universal design for infinity is a great idea for a bracelet design that you can give as a gift to your best friend. Leather combined with metal is the most common design that looks amazing for everyday outfits going for walks or to college.

Silver Infinity Bracelet For Men

silver infinity bracelet for men


Triple Wrap Infinity Bracelet For Men

triple wrap infinity bracelet for men

Men’s Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets or anklets as they are mostly known, have become a growing trend for the younger ages. The designs are simple and masculine adding a unique style to everyone that wears them. They are ideal accessories for summer time or for vacations to show off your casual summer style.

Anchor Anklet Bracelet for Men

anchor anklet bracelet for men

Mens Ankle Blue Bracelet

mens ankle blue bracelet


Men’s Celtic Bracelet Designs

Celtic designs have an ethnic style that can give you extra points for your fashion choices. Available in a multitude of designs, Celtic bracelets can be found in combinations of different materials like metal, silver, platinum, wood and leather giving you multiple choices for accessorizing your outfits with style.

Mens Celtic Knot Bracelet

mens celtic knot bracelet

In 2016, jewelry designers have created the most amazing pieces for men that want to look stylish no matter what they do. One of the current trends is the leather bracelets. Use natural colors or in vibrant reds or turquoise to make you look manly but fashionable in your casual outfits. Moreover, silver and white gold keep featuring in the newest collections with stunning pieces that will help you shine on formal occasions and work.

Express your personal style with a bracelet design. Play with the various designs and experiment with new designs. Every piece will give you multiple uses and many different options to wear with every outfit. We hope that you will try out these ideas and get inspired for new stunning accessories.

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