Garnets come in more colors other than red. Garnet jewelry looks stunning on women of all ages. It is a stone that alleviates stress and keeps the nerves calm. They look great when embedded in antique metal or silver. These are deep red stones that add to the beauty of the wearer.

They are also available in pink and orange shades. They say that garnet is a stone that belongs to the month of January. Turquoise bracelet is yet another choice for jewelry.

Antique Garnet Bracelet

antique garnet bracelet

A handmade bracelet of garnet beads that has antique bronze closure is suitable for any occasion. They give a royal look and go well with ethnic as well as formal clothes. Women usually wear them for wedding ceremonies or events.

Vintage Garnet Bracelet Design

vintage garnet bracelet design

A sterling silver bracelet studded with garnet gemstones. They go well with evening dresses. Never team them up with denim or any such fabric.

Bohemian Garnet Bracelet

bohemian garnet bracelet

This is a garnet bracelet that is made in a cluster of stones. This is a highly stylized bracelet that can be worn with couture garments. It has antique closures and suits older women. This is the kind of design that is not suitable for teenage girls though it has a bohemian appeal.

Garnet Birthstone Bracelet

garnet birthstone bracelet

This is a garnet beads bracelet with the moonstone gemstone as a closure. It also has a metallic stopper and is suitable for younger women. Garnet gives a harmonizing effect on the mind.  According to the folklore, garnet has the power of healing.

Heart Shaped Garnet Bracelet

heart shaped garnet bracelet

A simple and an elegant bracelet in silver that has a garnet stone in a heart shape. The center piece has a design carved in silver metal. This is a classic design in a bracelet that goes well with ethnic and formal dresses only. Never pair gemstones with formal clothing. They look kitschy and unprofessional.

Handmade Garnet Bracelet

handmade garnet bracelet

This is a beautiful handmade bracelet with strands of three and fillers in gold metal. The metal used for fillers is in brass and copper. This bracelet gives a bohemian look. It is suitable for younger women. Wear flared skirts and blousons with this jewelry.

Floral Garnet Bracelet

floral garnet bracelet

A beautiful and stylish ethnic piece of bracelet that is gold plated and studded in garnets. It has a slender look and looks great on women of all ages. Anything that has gold and silver metal with gemstones goes well with ethnic clothes.

Rainbow Garnet Bracelet

rainbow garnet bracelet

This is a bracelet that has chipped like stones that include garnets, malachite, citrine, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and quartz. This bracelet also has a metallic closure that is in the shape of the heart. They are made with an elastic thread and are mostly durable.

Genuine Garnet Bracelet

genuine garnet bracelet

Outstanding Garnet Bracelet

outstanding garnet bracelet

Garnet Turquoise Beads Bracelet

garnet turquoise beads bracelet

Sterling Silver Garnet Bracelet

sterling silver garnet bracelet

Garnet Bracelet for Men

garnet bracelet for men

Gold Garnet Bracelet

gold garnet bracelet

Pearl Garnet Bracelet

pearl garnet bracelet

Garnets, citrines, and many other gemstones set in a jewelry design looks elegant. They have a style that is suitable for evening occasions or formal ceremonies. Pearl bracelet is one piece of jewelry that is suitable for women of any age and skin tone.

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